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  1. It's an old post, something must have changed since then. I use the Embermount mod a lot, and it is very effective.
  2. Just installed the new patch, same as before. Connection timeouts and shop that doesnt load.
  3. It's been like this since last night. Unplayable at the moment.
  4. Dont bother, i got the answer from someone in this forum.
  5. Ticket ID #38503 sent feb. 7th, so actually almost two months ago :) same mail, yes.
  6. A bit behind ? - i sent a support ticket 3 weeks ago, no response yet.
  7. Yep, loot is dropping, but now mana are not dropping. Just tried Alchemical Labs Pure Strategy without harccore enabled. No mana at all.
  8. No loot dropping and no boxes in PS massacre hardcore. It works without hardcore enabled.
  9. Just tried the new Massacre mode in Pure Strategy. No loot dropping from enemies and empty boxes.
  10. I didn't know, i do now :) thank you :)
  11. Hi, the tooltip on map selection screen says that Deeper Well pure strategy (massacre) is unlocked after beating it in campaign. I have finished it, but pure strategy is not unlocked. Anyone having this experience ? I wrote support 14 days ago, but no answer.
  12. Tried to play a few rounds on Alchemy survival yesterday. It was unplayable. Every single round i had to wait for the timer because of enemies stuck in the walls. Groups were constantly stuck in the small passages. Much worse than ever before the update.
  13. No idea if it helps, but i took a screenshot last time it happened. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188994777
  14. For me mastery is a pain in the ... if there were no hyper shards, i would avoid it like the plague. I can't count how many times i failed a mission because of those crappy rules, especially "don't sell, don't repair or don't upgrade".
  15. I know it has been posted before, but couldn't find the thread. Two times today i lost a map due to Nimbus clouds falling asleep doing absolutely nothing. This happens randomly and is getting on my nerves ... fix please.
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