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  1. After waves of survivals there's always those piles of loot where it's not quite so easy to search through. I'm wondering if there's a way to get rid of all the stuff you don't care about, like myth and below. Maybe some way to only show purple/yellow/blue icons on the map. EDIT: Guess I'll tack this on, what's the best place to farm loot that isn't Lab Assault?
  2. Just wondering how a Genies stats should be. I got a 280^ Genie a while back (couple people said it was easily worth a cube) I have it on my DPS Monk for upgrading builds but I can't help but think I have ruined it from some posts I have seen. I have literally put every single upgrade into damage/mana gen stat. It now stands at 28k dam with 60 ups still to be spent. Some have said damage never needs to be upped and other similar stuff. Just wondering on thoughts.
  3. Keep me in mind if you have any DPS sets/Pristine pieces/55k+MWrench/19k+Horse with Monk suited stats. ^_^ SID: Sam6555
  4. You only get one chance at these kind of things so I'll go for it. :P Got any DPS armor, perhaps a set, lying around? Steam ID: sam6555
  5. So we've seen some solo crystal builds for Sky City building everything at either mid or south crystals. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work in any other maps? I'm thinking along the lines of King's Game, and perhaps Aqua. I know single crystal builds are usually for people with lower stats, but I think they are much simpler and easier to set-up.
  6. I literally just got a 314 up seahorse. Went to 21k damage, gonna replace my old 18k if I ever fully up it. XD Screen taken in open mode. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108753524
  7. Tried this last night with pretty great stats (I should update my sig.....) died on 26. Inside crystal was already pretty hurt, then a Kobold smacked it. I don't think those darkness traps were hitting every mob...
  8. I will be testing this later tonight.Trying to see if it still works. Stats range from slighly better than the original post to slighly worse. I will post results and more info later. This will not work. It was made in April. :P
  9. I get it most games. Last game I got it two tiles in a row. I thought you could only get DU inc and Def Up once per game.
  10. Yea, google docs or make a screenshot of the excel page and [img] tag it.
  11. Something I wanna know is, how much does Hardcore affect rewards? I wanna do Sky City, but as there can be a lot of glitch deaths against the Battlecruiser, I'd rather it not be a wasted half hour or however long it takes.
  12. Yeah I'd say either Throne Room or perhaps Endless Spires. Here, have a build Not sure on your stats
  13. Yea, though I do agree on the whole subject that drops are perhaps worse than they were. I'm pretty annoyed at Omnix' constant rants and whiney posts. Hitmonchan (I think it was) said he'd bug the devs later about the situation, so just leave it at that. Don't bump the thread every half hour. I'll have you know, I failed English. Now, is that my fault? Or the teachers? I think you answered your own question right there.
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