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    Item Check Thread

    Interested in buying, so I need an item check please. Thank You. hacked
  2. zenthri

    Item Check Thread

    unupgraded? max spawn base is around 3.8k, so yes it's hacked.
  3. zenthri

    Item Check Thread

    Just got this game and it's awesome! but i was looking for some good armor to get into nightmare with, and i came by this guy with this insane gear. I heard a lot of people talk about hacked gear, so this must be it i guess? hacked as hell
  4. zenthri

    Item Check Thread

    can you check this please? thanks ^^ not even close to being possible
  5. I actually thought somebody (was it Crzy or Classic?) said that sup+ prop cat is not possible.Not not very rare, just impossible.
  6. zenthri

    Item Check Thread

    Hey guys, not an IC this time, but something about the Nosferatu, since i kinda farmed spook2 for a while to get a good witch hat. Got an ultimate Nosferatu with lvl req. 93 and an ultimate+ Batwing Spear with lvl req 100. Conclusion: I dont know if there can be ult Nosferatu with lower lvl req. than 90 :P Just thought I throw that in here :) As far as I know, they have at Myth/Trans/Sup and Ult 90 the level requirement 70. Ult 93, Ult+ and Ult++ have 93/100 level requirement.
  7. hoooly :0 that's a really nice one. gz on that drop :D
  8. I'm sorry to break it it you, but even for a cube, you won't find many takers as it's going to take LOTS of hours to do it all. Finishing all survivals on NM, plus as Carionis mentioned, the nightmare djinn recruiter, we're talking about what, at least 20 hours? And that's probably lowballing it. Transcendend Survivalist takes about 10min.^^
  9. you mean base dmg and not hero dmg? base dmg won't rollover, hero dmg will.
  10. 1. I think Kings game NMHCMM is the best way to farm armor, but don't forget: Rng loves trolling :) 2. I think the SL skins give you +92% health and 20% damage ( or something like that)
  11. 1. (Hope I understand the question right :D) Highest stat on ult is +600, but it can spawn a bit over that sometimes. 2. idk xD maybe 20-30b 3. If you go to ranked and before you choose your toon, there's a button in the left corner "Export to open" click it and then yes. Then your toons are in open. btw you don't loose your toons in ranked if you do this.
  12. I'm trying to help a bit :) 1. At the beginning the stats scals better than later. Means 1000-2000 has mor effect than 2000-3000. 2. Armor can't spawn wth any stat over 330, except ultimate++ which can. You can upgrade myth to max. 360,trans 420,sup 500, ultimate 600 and ultimate+ 700. (ulti++ till 999 but it seems this is a bug) 3.sry don't really understand this question 4. Every shard map (mystimire forerst,moraggo,aquanos,sky city) and other bonus maps like kings game can drop ult/sup armor. But I think best place to farm is kings game with only summoner out, cause then it will onl
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