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  1. i did MM+ survival and hit 32+mil xp. im sure you could acquire the same on pure srat
  2. the highest random beetle I've seen was a 101. saw it about a year ago in some randoms tavern and he refused to trade it....
  3. so after observing the forums and monitoring the event list, i noticed that a handful of players have been banned. How is this possible? what could you have done? How could someone stoop so low to get themselves banned? well better off anyways ........
  4. but then let me ask you this? what costs more? developing a patch with capabilities of also releasing more dlc that you can buy or developing a whole new game that you're just going to make a F2P?
  5. I would love the Revamp of a Gossamer Sharpshooter. As a matter of fact i still have my original.
  6. Beefymac you so called it!! But maybe with a fun novelty title. Texas chainsaw massacre. not even a title could rescue that weapon since it was taken from Warhammer. why not call it the Chaos for the arines who carried it?!? I think event weapon/pets should be a little more about the DLC weps avail instead of weapons we have had literally from the beginning that are too slow.
  7. In my opinion, and no offence to any moderator or game dev or devout fan, but i don't have faith in the next trendy dungeon defender game. What makes Trendy think that anyone is going to buy the sequel to a game that they haven't even fixed the original? I understand that they have given up on the console patches and we'll never see one. But hey, if they wanna move on to #2 instead of fixing the million dollar gem in front of them, then i guess more power to ya. When i get my PS4 I'm probably gonna say good bye and only participate in the EVENT EMPORIUM(whenever the hell that starts). I absolu
  8. 100+ black deaths are extremely rare but they do exist. Saw me a 116 but thats the highest so far
  9. The Protector Squire Animus, Blue and yellow +shiny luster "I got your back bro, you just build it" 20K base damage +5 additional projectiles 2013 projectile speed -50 character health -50 character damage +25 character speed +25 casting rate +128 all 4 tower stats what about your weapon?
  10. Old Times Small Blackish Blasticus 40k Base, 16SPS, 10k Proj Sp, 20 Reload Sp, 1000 Mag All hero stats at 80 and abilitys. No tower stats like a boss :cool: Ah, just like old times. Legolas Blonde hair everything else doesn't matter, and she's a Huntress animus. 50k Base, 16sps, +2 Proj (max) 5000proj spd 50 on all abilitys and hero stats. no tower stats What, it isn't a chick? awesome and you can have as many working projectiles. Its all possible.......
  11. Ok, so lets have a little fun..... Lets say you were an Event host/moderator. Trendy gives you the option of creating a unique weapon and pet just for YOU. What would they be? You have to choose what it is, give the coloring/size, give the stats, Give it a name, and what we would see in the description. Don't get too ridiculous although feel free to let the imagination flow. And please only use items that are available in the console version of the game First my weapon: -The Wretched - Oversized Black blade and white lining Webbing Detangler. - 15k base, 31 poison, +50 knockback,
  12. orange and purple shaitan with additional range and max hero stats
  13. its probably worth nothing since its the most duped pet in the game. randoms keep dropping them off knowing they will soon disappear. Even if you are the original owner or say its not duped, give it 1 minute after trading and i'm sure that its gonna hit several taverns. this is why i never trade with anyone and my box is overflowing with armor.
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