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  1. I got a small problem with the costumes in game. I realy like to mix them up or at least show people of That im in the defence council ( the cape) and still be adable to use the Dragonfall skins. So my idea is. Let the parts of the costumes also become a unlockible at the default skin part selection screen.
  2. I like to see more Ubers Spheres in game, cuz i like the way they change how the skills works. Here are my ideas for new spheres: Squire: Provoke - Scare Sphere: Scares enemys away instead of provoking them Seismic Slam - Sky High Sphere: Knock the enemy into the air - deals air and crushing dmg SpikeBlockade - Shooting spikes Sphere: The blockade now shoots his spikes away, reduces it defence without spikes Balista - Multi shot Sphere: Balistas now shoots 3 piercing projectiles Training Dummy - Sting Sphere: Extra blades + a string = more range Apprentice: Arcane Volley - Bounce Sphere: Arca
  3. I hope they will add a uber sphere to change the dummys attacks. someting in the line of: a 2cond line of blade's who will extent the dummys reach. more speed more range
  4. Hey guyz. Do you guyz got some tips about the apprentice. im trying to play on hard mode with him but the turrents doesent seem to do S***. I gave him my squire items to build the turrents and still nothing happents. Do the apprentice need some other way to build or is there something else? tnx
  5. Hey guyz, Yesterday I had, Some of you will call it big luck I will call it a broken machanic. I joined a game and i litterly joined on the moment when you will get the chest, instanly graining a XP boost, gold, items, and quest. Maby you gotta change this just a sugestion :) Some people will find a way to mis use this
  6. Every1 who got the Update is not working, Use the US-Denver Download server on steam: 1. Go to steam 2. Settings 3. Downloads 4. Download Region Confirmed from The Netherlands
  7. Everyone Banned cuz we are still dooing this
  8. Hey guyz got an other bug here sometimes the play button is missing from the launcher. reseting the game does not always works to get it back and it can take over 30 min of resetting and shakeing the launger around to get it back http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/28481892797834615/ABF9DFB62BB3223C8500D575AE6D6BED590AE015/http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/28481892797834615/ABF9DFB62BB3223C8500D575AE6D6BED590AE015/
  9. Hey g I have been thinking about trading for this game and looking at the original DD I think we need some improvments. In the original DD we got the trading/selling via the Tavernkeep. While this is a good way to trade with a big group of people is hat 2 big issues: 1. Its a pain in the A holl to go from tavern to tavarn to find the gear you need. 2. The price it's too goddamn high. To counter this you can look in a all shared market, this gives players a easy way to look for there needed gear and let people bid agains each other to keep the prices low. The search function of this market is
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