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  1. Yep I'm one of the people, stopped playing dd1 years ago. Couldn't get into dd2 and the announcement of DDA made me want to play dd1 again.
  2. updated C/O, going to finish this Friday and bump
  3. I edited the picture just to save the hassle of having to tell people individually, so hopefully that answer your question :D
  4. O/ So yes this was a complete troll of a piece, but I'm not too fussed about it, as I've been told by others that you can use it as a waller piece. Accepting cubes/coal/diamonds ( 5/10/15 ) / event items ( if you really want to but it has to have a trace ) and of course lab runs at 2 cubes per 10 runs. Auction will run until the 17th ( may be extended or shortened depending on responses ). I have the right not to sell if the bids are too low. IC has been done by Acen. Well here's the piece: IC from Acen: C/O: 30 cubes - rc
  5. xFuNz

    [CLOSED]Lab runs

    Normally I can do 100 runs in one sitting but with crashes you will never know, because of the high price you pay you get some runs for free on the 14th too :) Oh you don't have to do that, really, i mean i can pay for another set of 50 or 100 on the 14th. I have enough cubes so dont worry
  6. xFuNz

    [CLOSED]Lab runs

    I would like to reserve the 13th and 14th if that's alright with you, any time after 5pm and I dont mind how many runs it is, so maybe 50 each day or 100, its all up to you.
  7. Cube on Number 3 plz. ( The Ult leather helm )
  8. Nothing's changed as far as I know. o_O Yh trust Nam, he's got 5k hours on DD ._.
  9. Pretty sure trading dd items for anything that is not another dd item is not allowed.
  10. I still learn new stuff about the game from time to time. Yh like that summit jump lol
  11. u guys HAVE to play this game called ''Osu''. Just try it...
  12. Maybe limit the character level to 83+ or something, it may not help but u will get less people who dont understand the game. Also put ''need resists + dps'' as the name. If i feel like it i would join a game that says they need help with dps. Feel free to add me, if u need help with a boss or just killing mobs i can help if im free.
  13. Hmm i read through this and i dnt knw if i missed this but when does this end?
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