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  1. Honestly for DDA I would rather not have dailies/weeklies/monthlies regardless of the rewards or how they're implemented. This is just the opinion of one person but I don't like dailies or whatever in any game. It turns too much into a chore to complete or it becomes something that's useless to do. Much rather have a solid game to play. I do like exclusive stuff in a season for example but I feel like that's different from dailies/weeklies
  2. Yep can't wait for borderlands 3 and DDA. Good thing they're not released in the same month.
  3. I really like the idea of endless survival. Curious if they actually do that how would the loot drop, because there will just be a bunch of items/mana on the ground and since the wave never ends it will just continue to grow. Probably be limitations for consoles and lower end pc/laptops. Or maybe items/mana goes directly into your inventory, who knows
  4. Will you guys be doing weekly livestreams on Fridays up to the release of DDA to give us updates? Or will the updates be through forum posts?
  5. I've played destiny 2 from release up until earlier this month where I stopped. Destiny 2 had seasonal stuff, but most importantly weeklies and dailies which gave u powerful gear. This (for the most part) was the only way to get make your character level up. I bring this up because after a while it became a chore to level up, I HAD to do the weeklies and dailies. I don't mind having dailies/weeklies/monthlies in DDA, as long as it doesn't become a thing where it's the ONLY way to get the rewards. Obviously dungeon defenders and destiny 2 have completely different loot systems, so I would be interested in what the rewards will be. As long as it doesn't become a thing where players HAVE to do it and if you don't then your left behind.
  6. Yh I guess more clarity about what we are gna get would be great, but it is super early and we will obviously get more info as time goes on. Personally I really hope 350k is reached, in the description they say 'you thought nightmare was hard? Pfft' . Really curious as to what they're gna do with massacre difficulty.
  7. More on the currency, I assume cubes was a thing the community decided to use, along with coals/diamonds as currency. Wasn't there a problem with cubes since u can only get one per account but people would create cubes, which ruined trading. So I'm curious if chromatic are going to do anything about currency and how they're going to go about it. For me the trading and getting more 'wealth' is why I love dd1.
  8. So I know there's cross save and split screen play in DDA. Not sure if this has been answered but, will I be able to play on my account with my character/gear if I play split screen on my friends console/pc ?
  9. Generally speaking won't that always be the case? Find what works and use that, making everything else irrelevant. I mean doesn't that happen in pretty much every game? Certain builds/characters/weps/whatever will always be used more by players.
  10. Yep I'm one of the people, stopped playing dd1 years ago. Couldn't get into dd2 and the announcement of DDA made me want to play dd1 again.
  11. Personally I hate mods/shards/whatever. One of the reasons I love dd1 is it gives a piece with the stats. Simple
  12. updated C/O, going to finish this Friday and bump
  13. I edited the picture just to save the hassle of having to tell people individually, so hopefully that answer your question :D
  14. O/ So yes this was a complete troll of a piece, but I'm not too fussed about it, as I've been told by others that you can use it as a waller piece. Accepting cubes/coal/diamonds ( 5/10/15 ) / event items ( if you really want to but it has to have a trace ) and of course lab runs at 2 cubes per 10 runs. Auction will run until the 17th ( may be extended or shortened depending on responses ). I have the right not to sell if the bids are too low. IC has been done by Acen. Well here's the piece: IC from Acen: C/O: 30 cubes - rc
  15. xFuNz

    [CLOSED]Lab runs

    Normally I can do 100 runs in one sitting but with crashes you will never know, because of the high price you pay you get some runs for free on the 14th too :) Oh you don't have to do that, really, i mean i can pay for another set of 50 or 100 on the 14th. I have enough cubes so dont worry
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