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  1. I forget the max roll for the breaker passive (20% is a guess), but since the removal of resistances, it doesn't matter too much (still good for bosses though)
  2. I still use armored cleanser, but that's largely in part because it took a long time to farm a 4/s with 3% shrapnel, and also in part because bling o midas used to not work with the charged primary large sphere (don't know if this is still the case); however, I believe any burst 4/s bow with that sphere is good enough dps My huntress is HD/AP spec'd with the focus on AP for stickies. I know focusing on HD would increase the dmg from the storm gloves (and also maybe from the charged primary sphere...i want to say it's based on HD but I could be wrong), but my guess is if you have the sticky uber, stacking AP is the way to go. Hope this helps!
  3. What mode are you playing? I haven't tested in quite some time, but I remember a while back playing maps on campaign would not count for the map daily bonus, so I'm wondering if they would count for the daily quests...
  4. I'll go with a new incursion that drops a 700+ sword for the barb
  5. How are you getting 2 million crits with Snipe? I'm not positive how much dragolich increases damage, but I think it's 15% per evolution, so at max I think it's +45% damage and 360 No Scope doesn't stack. You'd need about 200,000 Hero Damage and 185,000 Hero Crit Damage to get up to 2 million crits. Is that much Hero Damage actually achievable with fully enchanted 750 iPWR gear? If 360 No Scope was fixed you'd need about 150,000 HD & HCD each. If anyone really has a gun witch that hits 2 million snipe crits I need to see this and I need to know exactly how much you hit for, your passives, your HD, and your HCD. This needs to be investigated. I can confirm it's possible (the high end of my crits are 3m+) though I'm pretty sure you need drago to reach those kind of numbers. I believe there's a thread somewhere that explains what combo you need; it involves a certain weapon, sphere, passive, and piece of armor if I remember correctly. Happy hunting! 
  6. More combinations of stats and passives on armor. I want a full hh/dp with 5% hcrit & dcrit... Loot now only drops from bosses, not trash mobs... Nerf the blue and green dragoliches, but add a red dragolich that has the same increased damage taken % as the original blue one and allows multiple debuffs to stack... Nerf LA, they are to OP... Am I doing this right?
  7. I'll take a full set of 750 armor with dp and 10% archer passive so I can quit being disappointed every time I run one of the newer incs As for the entitlement talk, I don't believe [[24592,users]] was being serious about being compensated. He did say if and that it probably won't happen... I know I don't expect it
  8. I'm all for bringing back the hardcore mode from DD1 with a higher chance for better loot, but my question is how would that work for the newer incursions (Cata, Blink King, etc) where you have to be active during the wave? If you're playing solo and die for whatever reason, you'd have to restart the whole map. As skyaliciouse pointed out, dying to lag is an unfortunate aspect of DD2 right now, so regardless I would want a more stable server before this idea is implemented
  9. I have not paid attention since the HOE patch, but SA used to crit, although the difference in damage between a crit and regular hit is pretty negligible.... https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/135488/can-purge-evil-aka-sa-critically-hit?scrollTo=1224284#1224284
  10. 35k T1, very nice! Looks like quite the change since before the nerf too : https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/136901/t1-archer-damage-before-nerf?scrollTo=1231881#1231881
  11. Hmmm...tough decision. I'd have to pick King's Game for the music and the tile running
  12. Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification, and that does make sense. I noticed there was definitely less lag using multiple builders if we made sure our defenses didn't overlap, but like you said, there is always some type of lag.
  13. The other day a friend and I tested this theory on Bastille incursion. I built the north and east spawns, while he built the west; however, we still experienced some lag. We thought maybe we didn't do a good job of keeping our defenses separated, but it appeared none of our defenses overlapped. It could have been an error on our part, but I'm curious about this as we have been trying to find ways to cut down on the lag (only using one builder, not using the secondary attack on the new app weapon, not using gunwitch abilities, etc). Is there a map you would recommend that is easier to test this theory? And for other players trying this method out, what has your experience been in terms of the lag?
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