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  1. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but we can not speak of such demonic things. You will go to hell if you try to replicate what happened. Allegedly?
  2. Theoretically speaking how would you do it. Pm me: DWROWLA One does not simply skip waves. It's just a mess. Oh, and it's also the best way to fry your local save (all of your heroes and items).
  3. Oh yeah, dude. Headhuntress still plays, although he's still a loner hated by everyone. Wiltodd still plays, don't know much about him. Welcome back, I know you're #1 on Endless Spires. Yeah, that's no news. :) And the highscore on Endless isn't mine. I only did the shooting. Lol! I still havent given up hope batman....still waiting :) And i'm not a loner, i just have very few friends, it's not the quantity of friends, but the quality of friends i have...you(ningastyle is the exception ;) Glad to see you're still around! I'll go online someday this week when I'm not working. Are you
  4. Yeah. The new forum layout was annoying me. Who of my friends still play this game on the PS3? PB? Headhuntress? Wiltodd?
  5. Lol, are you ever gonna play again ? One day I shall.
  6. The only good I see in this thread is the signature idea. The rest is just trash. Who would host the legit trader/duper list? How would it be managed? That one host would have a lot of death threats... heh. Back to the signature idea... It's not a bad thing, but it doesn't really help a newbie who's never been in the community much. My advice is make friends. That's right, just look for people on the forums and play with them one night and speak to each other. I mean let's face it, you can generally tell if someone is a pixel-hungry ******* or a legit player just by speaking to them and see ho
  7. Run around Times Square twelve times while wearing a yellow shirt and powder blue pants. Then proceed to doing the Lab 31 and a half times. You should have a 100+^ Soul Focuser by then.
  8. Mine was actually relevant to the topic. How to deal with an issue with your game 1.01 by Trendy. Dear Moderators, If you see anyone mention, reference or consider even considering reference to the problem we caused in our last patch, cover up the evidence, if it happens more than twice you are granted lethal force to deal with said protesters. Always direct them to the Tech Support section where our resident helper can provide insightful information towards any issues. If you maintain the Tech Support key phrases include, "Oh dear that is awful, I understand your frustration. I
  9. There was a sick 200 something Triton posted here a while ago.
  10. At what time did what you described happen?
  11. Headhuntress and I (along with two other people, can't remember their names) ran Endless+ Mixed Mode. The loot sucked.
  12. Well, this is hArd to explain, but I will do a most likely Vain attEmpt to explain the Situation. Keep in mind though, thIs exPlanation is not for the faint-hearted. Perhaps someone, somewhere attempted to do somethIng slightly agaiNst the unwritten rules (gaininG an unfair advantage on the leaderboards). Hint: Capital letters.
  13. I often farm the lab for several hours. I'd say about twice a week, 3-4 hours a go. Nothing over 83^. Go me and my luck.
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