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  1. What are the prices for pets that are max or like lich or betsy
  2. People have told me 30-40M and asked Juice himself
  3. Show me proof we all know mw gonna get nerfed soon so its not even close to being worth that much
  4. idk how much is it worth and what do you want for it
  5. Title add me on steam if you got it "Think Content"
  6. So I got a Year One Hero Pack for DD2 and I was wondering if its in the rules to trade it to someone else for something in the steam market. Thanks in advance
  7. With my gear and sphereI'd have %46 crit I know it caps out at 30% but I only have %13 3% from base and %10 from sphere it doesn't make sense
  8. I heard on the stream that crit was getting fixed and I get on and I still have 13% When I should easily have over 40% I just don't get it this game is so broken
  9. For her weapon what's the best one for her def is it tower power or crit? Is it different for other towers?
  10. So the gunwitch gun has less dps? Is the meowmore worth it?
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