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  1. Felt rather shafted by this one. Time and effort to setup petrify...gone. Definitely screwed a bunch of relics. Timing is really the curious part. Couple months ago it was "we're moving on to the new game, dd2 is getting mothballed." Now it's, "we're care about the meta and saw you were having too much fun." Can't decide if they want me to drop the game or just like wasting my time. Either way, it doesn't exactly get me hyped for DDA.
  2. As others have mentioned 10/10 Tenacity at C8 keeps them from freezing to the dragon. Frost orcs will continue to be an issue, so I use Ramsters on those lanes. Their range is sufficient to avoid the Frost Orc freeze aura. As for Frost Orcs, they're a bit different than other sources of freeze. They add 25% freeze to nearby towers. 4 of them will completely stop your defenses.
  3. Agreed. The biggest boost to my performance in DD2 came when I removed walls from my builds. Early on, that's problematic because you don't have the firepower. As you grow, walls just slow YOU down.
  4. Map is most definitely a pain, and it feels like a crap-shoot when it comes to surviving waves. Ill-timed Assassin attack... poof. Dealing with a mini-boss that's making too much progress and then getting the freeze on the other side of the map...poof. A dozen other scenarios...poof. I'm enjoying my current onslaught push. 160ish at the moment. 10/10 Tenacities leveled to Chaos VIII completely negate the freeze. Thanks to whoever posted that on here. The map is semi-amusing now. That said, 10/10 Chaos VIII is a pretty demanding solution. I play solo, and the map handed my backs
  5. I've certainly been there and completely understand your logic. That said, it seems this would lead to an automatic AFK by folks in your backpack. It would definitely speed things up!
  6. I think of DD2 as a Cheeseburger from a familiar restaurant. I had a burger here some years ago and enjoyed it immensely. As a result, I made a point to come again when the opportunity arose. Unfortunately, some things had changed about the menu/management since my last visit. This new burger had some issues. No matter how many times I sent it back to the kitchen, they just never seemed to get it right. After a final promise to correct it, I patiently waited at my table. But, rather than bring out my delicious burger, they slipped out the back door and opened a new restaurant.
  7. Had my 7 year old daughter play for an hour awhile back, while I went to the gym. Came home to find 2 10/10 tenacity mods in my inventory. Posted a pic back when it happened.
  8. Just my .02, Destiny broke me of this model long ago. Buy the game, get disappointed by its flaws, hope springs eternal for a new patch/DLC, buy the new content, get disappointed by its flaws....rinse and repeat. There have been drastic changes to DD2 throughout its lifespan. Each time, the promise of a solid product allowed me to put aside the fact that each iteration broke whatever progress I'd made to that point. Weapons/Gear accumulated became worthless. Towers that worked, no longer did. Meta swaps, hard-counter enemies introduced, the damn loot boxes, the manufactured storage sho
  9. Married father of 2 here. I'll buy the game for support, once it's released.
  10. And if the currency required for that vendor is gems, all hype destroyed. Cash for shards.....let's hope they don't go there.
  11. Investment company paid 18 mil to buy the company, put out DD2, lost money on DD2, sold the rights/company back to the original founder. Interesting thought: If the original founder, now Chromatic Games, now owns DD2, do they receive the revenue on micro-transactions moving forward?
  12. Bit of both, based on the Kickstarter description. Likely using old assets to shorten the development time. Didn't see any indication of date it'll be available, just a reference at the bottom that it could be delayed. Don't hold me to that though, only read through it once. Seems a bit odd to list the items that'll be included in the game IF certain fund-raising targets are met. What's the game going to consist of if they don't reach $275,000. If you reverse that chart, looks like it'll be missing a ton of things. Haven't seen this particular funding model. Time will tell if it wo
  13. I had not noticed the absence of Trendy from the new forums. Seems they sold the game?
  14. Did I mention the 5th...... First 10/10 I dropped was Tenacity. Happy day it was. Dropped 3, rolled 2. Now I just gotta start climb the ladder so I can knock off a few resets.
  15. Well now that's some handy information. I'm pushing floors at the moment and have 10/10 tenacity mods on FA, LSA, WM, and BA. Going to have to give that a test on my next Keep round.
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