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  1. Around 285 is what mine is but the dmg scales good in nm like the chicken.
  2. If you mean 400+ upgrades, then you aren't going to find one. There are only 2 ult seahorses in the game as far as I know of. What he said. I have a high end trans close to 300 ups which is near top end so if u wanna look i may be able to help.
  3. Hey, i have a lava cuffs, ddaces ^^ :) Pm me.
  4. not sure about reserve yet. they deserve to be used so i think ill sell them since i dont use them. will run till monday i think. updated. man im too drunk to writ now!11 szupid screnn keyboard Hahaha love this^^ Once i played dd drunk and did cd ,teh next day i had an eternia wep in item box and didnt know where it came from till i had screenies on my desktop of me+friends vs old one. Cheers.
  5. Days a nice kitty cat. Remember back when i got your old kitty for 2 cubes and it was way better than this one :P no hawk tho but still Gl bump for ya bro
  6. Why not get this going: Magicite 50 Alladins 50 Glaciers 50 Ult tower over sup 20 Ult++ cap wep 50 Celebration 75 Double cap 15 Is that 305? Yea.
  7. And that ^^ is why i shouldnt have sold my rainmaker. That puts me out, but not my much. Good luck whomever gets it.
  8. Yes I do want. However, I'm all out of cubes right now :( How you like dem apples? Lol Nice genie, gl bump
  9. In that case original bid + glaciers demise makes 200.
  10. So, since i been at work till now i dono when it ended/if and if like to see how it plays out, Ill bid if i have to its only fair but if i was beat I'll accept defeat. It's not a big deal just extend auction or dont. I have a bid i can put on but if its too late pm me :)
  11. I like Pristene, i may put a bid on it after these bigger auctions end. :) good luck tho at the very least im interested.
  12. No worries senor, 3 more coming. Thought about it and its my personal opinion these are cooler than armor. I'll see if i can throw down for a set but ult acc's i remember when they came out and the reactions and just oooo nice from everyone. So ya. :) bumpy
  13. [WTA] Ult Accessory SET (Cornucopia and Beard)!Phono gun, Aladdin's and an ult capping set since i was muscled out of the ++ set.. 150 coobs. Edit: phono gun caps so were clear everyone
  14. [WTA] One nasty 9.6k SquireI sure hope it doesnt go that high. At least it will go to giveaways. This is true but all it would take is cuno to bid an arm guard.. Which he wont of course but its that easy. Like you said at least its a giveaway. I'll have to go to my tav see what i can scrounge up, hopefully nobody outbids you by 100 lol but naw, 300 is a fair start. See where it goes from Here. Edit: original bid(200) + 2ult++ over 900 pets(30) + my celeb(75)+ double cap(15)+ sup tower set (15)=345. Well, i seriously doubt i can roll much further but this is fun who cares.
  15. Childe_ANM

    [WTB] VHQ Cat

    [WTB] VHQ CatSo, i can relate to this post very much. My old old cat (funny story before ilovecheddah quit it was his) is the best iv seen as of yet with no hawk at 215 boost its nice but my new cat only at 206 and 174 hawk makes a big impact on the hawk stance so good luck in finding what may be the first amazing trans or best trans cat in a while. Cat crazy was bump
  16. Dood.. Thats pretty sweet, but I'm not everyone if anything you get bonus cool points. Ic everything and you might be able to push a good chunk of cubage out of the economy right now, but id be curious to hear other opinions myself.
  17. [WTA] One nasty 9.6k Squireglaciers(50)+Aladdin's wish(50)+a tower damage capping phono gun (awaiting approval of course @50)+ult capped tower set(50) Just to get that out there. This isnt the end but.. Grab your popcorn guys. Edit: btw thats 200 cubes^^
  18. Ima be mad if nobody wants saws anymore :( go hawkers, bid!!!
  19. What color is the h2 top hat? Ill put a cube on it till you reply and then i may buy out if its purple or bluish :)
  20. Captain djinn hat? Or the djinn from the event, sory if im confused as it seems almost obvious to me but making sure
  21. I'll take a free ticket, good lick in life :) And luck to all
  22. Youre gonna want to item check it first but i can tell you thats a whole lot of ups, if it had any hawk itd be dps but alas rng. Great tower one though since it caps rate is good and the range is 800 plus, but like i said ic it and then when we know its legit it wi be worth peoples attention. Nice find. 45 cubes id say conservitavely, since theres no event item thats a tower sword besides boneyard blade at 4x666 so yea. Good luck
  23. Dont assume yet boss. My own celebration and Amor. I figure if this doesent blow up ill get in on it.
  24. 2 dbl caps + 30 cubes Well i tried, this puts me out. Good luck guys.
  25. 38 cubes somebody wants this :) alladin lamp+capping sup leather boots (ab2) and a double cap (dmg hp) if im correct thats just a bit over depending on what you value the sup leather boots at, let me know if it doesent and i may add to it.
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