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    Item Check Thread

    Item Check ThreadThanks for ic :) Item checkers are awesome. [[4409,hashtags]] rock. Dono if missed or waiting on proper checker. No worries [[4412,hashtags]]'ers are still illaf Edit: blaster was a trade, maybe it was mine cant remember and i think accs are mine maybe the nimbus are traded..
  2. Nice piece, lab seems nice to you. I dont have many cubes and even less ++ pieces. I might tangle with the bids if i can afford it. For now bump
  3. [WTA] 3++ Armor PiecesIm sorry i was on break. Long day. Add a ult over sup tower set 98+20 is 118. Edit: thanks killing
  4. That was fun. That last bid caught me by surprise. I honestly wasnt expecting to go this high. Well, thats pretty much all my poker cards.. Or is it Doubt sup monkey or pre patch would be valued as much as a rockshatter would be.. Or something
  5. Happy childe cant get a ++ piece month everyone :) Whatever... Amor Double cap Sup tower 2 ++ pets Cap diamond For 113? Plz correct me if im wrong.
  6. Still waiting on the ic. \\\\\\\\\
  7. Amor + double cap + sup set on chain 60 value* +a ++ pet for 75
  8. [WTA] 3++ Armor PiecesAmor + double cap + sup set on chain 60 value*
  9. Childe_ANM

    Item Check Thread

    Thanks for ic :) Item checkers are awesome. [[4409,hashtags]] rock.
  10. Thanks! Cheers Childe_anm Link in sig. We need to play more again :)
  11. Literally all i had left after that bid was a trans dps set. Cheers guys :) that was fun
  12. [COLOR="[[316,hashtags]]"]Another failed auction by me. What am i doing wrong. Can be closed.
  13. ++ t cap wep 50 Dub cap diamond 15 2 single cap diamond 16 1 non cap 4 Glaciers demise 50 Alladins wish 50 Magicite of wind 50 Rockshatter 40 Amor 30 Dragon of north 35 Vile clutch 3 Lava cuffs 10 Celebration 75 Sup capped dps 20 Sup capped tower 15 2x900+ pets 30 Ult dps over supreme 30 2x ult over sup tower 40 And a brownie 0 563 right.
  14. [WTA] Another ++ set going out the door [DPS huntress][QUOTE=killingislife;990682]once bidding reaches 300+ cube value bidding increments must be by at least 50+ cube value./ This. :)
  15. I was supposed to get my care bear, and the trade glitch. -.- yea anyway i like care bear. Bestest best way to find out is to auction it, if nobody gives even close to what you want, keep it. I did that with my pre patch gladius, (cant get em anymore) so it was rare but not sought after yet. Just gotta wait till the time is right.
  16. Boss rush gives out ult++ classics? Weird, I only seem to get myths :P Where else you gonna get classics? Up we go
  17. Anybody know the highest possible spawn/dmg for bracers? 4 cubes bracers.
  18. Childe_ANM

    [WTA] 214 cat

    Cube to start this.. I love the red
  19. Yea his box is probably fuller than that Colonel Sanders goatie. What?... I'm eating KFC. :x Hahah dat pie! Chicken pot pie! And look it that crust! Wowie :D Some commercials make me laugh.
  20. It's about getting to the point where I'll need to start lol Start what?
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