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  1. I was referring to how it has 404 upgrades. I guess its just an internet joke if you don't get it. Still nice sparus though Hey i laughed at that. Gl
  2. bump! Bumping a bumped bump Just to bump Bump Gl :)
  3. WTA Ult Gladus - great hero statsActually left the house on a saturday bump I get it :) Coob down to start
  4. I got a glad with 468^ prolly the best by ups iv ever gotten, and no hdmg no tower rate, no ab2. Like... I feel ur pain. Gl bump
  5. 3 cubes on u3 1 cube two coal on t1 Cube on s2
  6. 2 on ad5 2 on at2 Also these are in lab runs since you need them so badly ;)
  7. Very nice. Few realize saws take a long time to farm and get good ones, im a huge fan of them and anyone who uses em :)
  8. it does, lmk if you still want to keep your bid up or ill just auction the saws seperately Dawg, i win! I always wanted to be a winner :) but no thanks for the auction.
  9. bid canceled due to his account being reset for the 3rd time this month :/ Lol [[4429,hashtags]]
  10. 1 mana :D no one else is bidding Bid is sitting at around 80 cubes.
  11. Def sticky worthy! Good job :)
  12. Come on peeps dont let the auction go unbid.. I cant be that scary. Bump
  13. Luckily I'm a host, and can't blow the current bids out of the water for the giggles. But like for real tho... its about to go down
  14. Everybody's end game gears coming out, and i just got my first ++ :/ i will be in contact about some of these possibly
  15. The search is finally over! Thanks so much to TF Lightek for getting this for me! :mecha: Got my dream weapon, what do now? (I will always be interested in more like these...) Nice! The projectiles look cool? I bet they do. Glad you found it :)
  16. want it back that badly? :p Nah mayne.. Dat sawsss
  17. [WTA] Ult barb set w/ 184k/168k saws, 211^ cat, and accs1 - celebration Lol at my hat :P
  18. Why is there so much hate ;_; I would bid but, still have one trade to do with killings so... go pancake! Root for the underdogs someone's gotta.
  19. Childe: as I haven't been playing I don't even know what those items are haha. No worries this should be fun to watch ;)
  20. [WTA] DPS Monk Set (++)Glacier, alladins, magicite. 150 i know this wont stand but gl guys, btw.. Dat beard o.o Edit: some people value the magicite at 70, interesting thought. Idc if it changes value of bid either way. Anyway Maxeth does what Maxeth wanteth
  21. Childe_ANM

    Item Check Thread

    Item Check ThreadWhat quality is the blaster? Pretty sure but i will triple check its regular ult Yep reg ult
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