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  1. ATTENTION PEOPLE OF THE FORUMS. A WORD FROM EMPEROR KUZCO. Anyways... 45 cubes + 20 Lab Runs I do love a good appropriate gif.
  2. You don't have a value for Earths listed. I do have 2... but would you even consider trading one? thatl be the day
  3. Okay here is it. Sorry for the bad quality is that a ninja? where.. i dont see it :) nice entry gl. we need MORE!
  4. Hey forum! lets keep it simple and straightforward: imsobrokefromuppingaccs. as iv had a shortage of mana recently i have a few cubes to play with looking to do this a few times, but not for very many as space is limited, please pm me or add me to take advantage of the limited supply, im not made of cubes lol thanks guys :) :monk:
  5. I did. Awaiting his response. Lol "some" currency Freed up. That was an impressive run.
  6. I doubt the 50 cube rule applies since were talking 1000+ XD Wauw this is fun to watch. I think the Armgard of P would defeat the purpose of killings giveaway even though its worth as said SO MUCH its is but a single item and thus only one person gets it versus armor or weapons, cubes make for more giving and much much more win. and of course it would circulate to arti. Go mkjo :P
  7. So.. My rockshatter+ supt set= 55? Gimme dem boots
  8. Go cubes! I have a feeling theyl win this one.
  9. 3rd. all these bunny posts make me think of Monty Python and the deadly bunny!
  10. I remember running akatiti with ya when it was fresh, some good memories there.
  11. I hope you succeed in your endevors in the future. Good luck to all :)
  12. I hope this goes well Finn, you dont wanna know what i paid for mkjo's cornucopia.
  13. Good luck in the auction guys should be fun to watch
  14. he probs put viagra on his hair His hair must be super healthy to handle an erection lasting more than 4 hours (i hope)
  15. Id bid cause its an awesome op glad but i spent my allowance for the year. Good luck Person Man :)
  16. How on earth did you get that to stay on your head lol Seriously Nam how'd you do that
  17. :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: dragons ftw Thats the guy :)
  18. Why wouldn't people want a cute, fluffy oh wait... (like my crap joke? 😃) Turtle so hard mo*****'s wan find me... a quad cap Bump dat
  19. Dat ups... I think someone was trying to find one of these pretty much perfect dps dragon, dono if they're still looking or not but like ace said, it very well may get a couple bidders to battle for it. Gl tho :p
  20. I have two of these, didnt know if people wanted em or not. Gl tho I'll be curious to watch this.
  21. Let some other ddrs get some ++ Jk i could def use this on my barb tho :p Gl bump
  22. Halloween 2010. I know I spam this picture a lot but havent had time to enjoy halloween lately like I used to. I also used a pink robe when we went to a bar afterwards because it was a little chilly outside. Yeeea finny over here bribing with a little skin lol jk I like it :)
  23. I had to work Halloween and made the best of it. Luckily i get to have way too much fun at work, and we were able to have costumes. Best part is i got there with a clean costume accidentally of course throughout my shift i got a little cherry juice on it.. Then i got some chocolate on it..and of course ice cream.. So Then at the end i split.
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