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  1. Very nice set! I might offer a set of eggs, if you tell me what you value them at. :) oh.. i wouldnt have a problem with that but i already have my bunny costume. if you some other than smalls id have to look up a value for em, but a set would obviously be worth more :p
  2. Hello everyone! its been a while since iv been able to play and i need some currency to get back into the game here, this auction will run until the 25th of may, it may be extended but there will be no buyouts, no private or pm offers, i refuse to take bids without sid, no bids from sketchy people, no lowball bids, also please be nice to each other. I will accept: Cubes, Diamonds, event items ask me or post your value..(this seems to be working pretty well in other places, if it becomes a problem ill just steal a table of values from somewhere) bid increments of 1 cube to start and if(when) we get to 50+ it will go by 5's thats minimum. no calling out others bids, their items, or their names, cause i dont like that on my auctions, mind your manners dd! Now take a Look what i have for you guys today: Ultimate Cornucopia from mkjo, sitting at 455 dmg and 0 ab2! Ultimate ++ Dragon at 66k with 518 ups is a huge dps pet, great hero stats! Ultimate Sparus 26.5k 480 hero and 411 ab2! Supreme CAPPING beard with great health and ab2 at 119 with 13^ left! Supreme Shattersteel guards at 323 hero and ab2 at 196! Ultimate-Ultimate ++ armor the only one without ab2 is the caping boots. alright now if i missed something let me know pls :) bid away you have 4 days before this amazing Set is gone forever! :squire: C/O: friendly takes the lead again 125 cubes
  3. Childe_ANM

    Item Check Thread

    So since ic thread on my pc wont load, (its a lot to load i guess) just putting this up with my phone to get reassurance ace i pit up my spar and added a Better pic of the beard. Thanks ic'ers
  4. I think i had a teacher back in Ukraine named Natalya simyonova. Weird. Good luck bump
  5. I think i have A 66k trans sitting in my tav but good luck :)
  6. Arm Guard of Fire #1: Arm Guard of Radiation, 2 Glacier's. = 520 Arm Guard of Poison: 5 Celebrations, 1 Aladdin. = 500 Arm Guard of Love: 4 Magicites, 3 Aladdins. = 510 Arm Guard of Lightning: 9 Glacier's. = 540 Get it going for you, Death. ^_^ GO CUNO! Lol at that opening bid
  7. lol, I always end up auctioning your items Its cause i cant make myself do it and am horrible at auctions lol 5 to get this rolling
  8. Hey... Sexy stat stick ;) Gl Bid everyone!
  9. If you dont sell, it matches my 84k pre patch nicely. Gl tho, i hope someone likes it.
  10. No problem, i had a full work schedule, still looking. Ill pm i when i get home
  11. oh look hes talking about me That crazy bird... Btw how'd u get that label, ices something or another.. Jelly.
  12. Can i vote? Halloween: Nam. (Welp) Beard/stache: rizzo :) Gl everyone
  13. 5 on the 2nd lavas.. If i can lol
  14. Killingislife :D Aint that the truth
  15. Long day of work ahead bump.
  16. I saw that. Wasnt sure why so i was gonna wait till i could msg u on my computer, but i will add you. Thank you :) Bumps
  17. I wonder how many people read bumps...
  18. Thanks for the laugh. Work is killing me so I really needed it. I hear ya there. A good laugh is always good. Its a good thing to learn early early that in this trading scheme, reputation is everything, next to rediculous luck of farming of course. Dont ever do anything sketchy or say anything dumb cause we ddrs WILL remember a good laugh and we will remember what you said about your "friend". Hope this "helped" in all honesty.
  19. Mornings are not my thing bump
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