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  1. Thanks for the Thicc giveaway Bonny! GL to everyone 1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/childe_skill/ 2. Events and Dice 3.
  2. I was finally able to get to 35 :) i did 21-29 with 3 summs the rest solo. Such a pretty map. Thanks for the giveaway! https://steamcommunity.com/id/childe_skill/
  3. I i bid my Firestorm, and the Mini Spider queen discussed. :)
  4. Childe_ANM

    Item Check Thread

    please item check <3
  5. you come home from school wondering where to assign the new stat you got that day
  6. i love the story, great idea and I agree shouldnt be able to skip the chest that you worked so hard for :(
  7. Stab in the dark here, havent played in months just would love to get it working again and play a little :) So im running steam on my laptop via OSX which is where i got 100% of my current hours for this game from..lots of great momories.. I havent gotten it do work on PC side yet, however the same issue still persists on both ends. Perhaps because I tried to get into ranked from pc when i used a mac normally? Basically it runs and i select online and select ranked, the ding or load sound happens a couple times and it crashes, error report that whole thing. am i barking up the wrong tree here? unless the issue is the fact that once i play ranked on mac then i cant go to pc EVER then it should run fine? v 8.2.1 indeed the integrity of the game cache is verified do i need to change something in the pre launch settings? Im no expert on pc side of daily play but Mac was a pain, verifying the game cache and even then the Steam Community thing didnt work properly but i played through it anyway and i am still hopeful i havent lost it all.. any responses are appreciated, sorry for the spelling its late, sorry if im not specific enough i do my best, to those who know me come play dd2 with me.. please cheers defenders
  8. This would be nice, though from my experience sadly very unlikely.. but there may be hope yet I say this as a Mac player myself with 1587 hours HOPEFULLY not gone to waste...
  9. Hey Forums Its been quite a while since i have played or posted its good to see the changes and the familiar things around here still. So ill get right to it i am currently playing on the 7.50 version on mac with a few Mac players and there is the whole deal with the mac and pc update.. Yea not gonna go there :/ BUT i have recently started playing a little bit here and have wondered where all the players went, i know theres gonna be a significant loss in players with pc being gone, my time zone does suck, however i have yet to find any games and nobody joins when i do. So if youre out here on the mac side of things, if youre playing and cant find anyone lets get together and play cause i miss this game and what it used to be for me back when everyone played. The other thing is the Trading i played alot and traded alot and now im sitting here looking at amazing items and i know alot of players might want em but cant help but wonder how many Mac players are out there with the same problem and how do i look on the trade page and not get upset when i cant trade? I hope you understand im not ranting but trying to get advice, see if anyone has come up with an idea or maybe just maybe i hope iv overlooked something and would of course love to hear feedback. I know this update may not be new so maybe theres also a thread that sheds light and i havent been back long enough.. Cheers Defenders!
  10. WTA 6.6k Monk Hybrid DPS Set + ULT ACC!Bump I can vouch for the Ult accessory. First of two I have farmed. Nicedragon too. Good luck Childe. Thank you! At this point id like to point out there is not going to be a buyout, this way i dont have to put a value on something others might not see, also i want bidders to give an idea of what they are bidding straight cubes or whatnot thank you for your attention. Let's get this going 4 days yall
  11. 125 cubes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Ty friendly Anybody else wanna get in on this, feel free!
  12. hey whats ur B/O ??? I dont think were there yet, i was hoping for a bid war with that pet and the ult Acc in particular.. I'll come up with a buyout in a day or so.
  13. Work break bump Come on guys the snozberries dont taste like snozberries yet
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