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  1. Since no one is answering our topics about anything, am doing a campaign of Negative Reviews on the game telling what is going on. Do that, keep putting it up, it will bring the attention of some gaming news website to shed light on this. We will see a reply soon after that. Am saying this cuz I've seen @[CG] Mary around answering stuff about the 'hacker' bug and all else BUT the complaints and the lies we've been told so far. I won't know if I was flagged since I am refusing to play while this is without an answer and a fix. Am tagging every CG here so they get to kno
  2. OH, to this you guys reply? @[CG] Mary
  3. Pig, lets talk: There was no wipe, but considering most players play the normal game, not legacy/offline/workshop - DD1 players know this very well - we should have been better addressed in the issue. It does feel like a wipe for most of us, and considering that we were told by CG that it was going to happen one way causes frustration because they released before the notice went up. We didn't have a notice or talk about it or anything. And sorry if you don't think we, clients, are entitled to expect anything, but I am part of the kickstarter crew, I paid for this project to be launched with
  4. I gotta agree with you guys. As a Game Dev as well, I hate to see this kind of stuff being pulled of. CG was not transparent with their decisions, and it went against what we were told. Sincerely, being moved to Legacy mode feels, for at least 90% of the player base the same as an effective wipe. I was going back to play since I got the emails with the new skin rewards and all only to find out about this. Okay, as a coder I know how profiles can be messy and a lot of data importing if not very well tested could mean a lot of issues for a long time and headache. BUT, there are VARIO
  5. Two things: First, we all know that taking XP from Betsy campaign is part of the fix, but if you remember DD1, part of the game is really after you get maxed up, or close to that, since ubers are now for max level instead of old 25, and there are modes after you hit 50, it IS meant to start there, in which, for the 4 heroes we have so far, one month leveling them should suffice, or we would need much more maps. If I have to play the same map over and over and over and over, like I was for Madwick, I would not have been playing DD1, DDE or DD2, cuz thats not how the game EVER felt like it shoul
  6. In programming it might, or might not be. Depends on the amount of code and how well organized and planned they were before programming. If they were modularized, it should be really easy to check on those, but depending how its done, increasing XP rate may take a while because it may not be done by calculations but reading from a table, so to remake that would take some time. Still, I'm with you. Despite Pet Reroll, most of this stuff is not even close to what players wanted to see. Even more, Pet Reroll would have been nice to have fixed, sure, but we still managed to do with that bug, now
  7. This exactly is what I posted for a little bit above. Im fine with RNG on every day gearing up... but for events, if someone is willing to put in the tiem to do a 100 token run or whatever, then they should be rewarded witha t least 1 egg... meanwhile folks like you and I have done 50-100 runs... and gotten nothing to show for it except for irritation. here here, I'm in the same situation -.-" the worst from the amount of runs is the amount of special mobs and orcs in each. It's never just one chance from one run, so makes it even more frustating...
  8. To avoid having to write about it twice, my talk about what I think of it: Boost Aura - click here
  9. I believe your cursing is also breaking rules cuz you are offending with that intention. There's no whining about not getting a free cosmetic item, it's a feedback about how we feel when people disliked his work and his behaviour about something supposed to be a "giveaway". GIVE, not pay to take it. So, if I pay rent and the money is used to make the place better, am I not paying for it? Yes, I am. It wasnt free, you paid for it. And not 20 ppl. Most players dont come to forums, and many rely only on steam forums. 10-20 in a day topic from a specific range is kinda enough.
  10. Yesterdays, but still not worth the DU. Check the bug section, there is a thread discussing this.
  11. We're two then, buddy. No new quests daily, and the first one is 1k tower kills that never goes through.
  12. Ok, if the amount of posts is the count. I agree with the raffle idea.
  13. Just no, 50% is too much, it is too good that you will need a monk if you want to do late game contents. Some defense need to be replaceable, sadly boost aura wit 50% is not replaceable, nothing else can help defense do so much more dps. It is so op that it is like the tank or healer class of traditional mmo, you can't do any group/dungeon run without it... this type of design is just bad and outdated. It is not good design if there is some utility only obtainable by a single class. You either make everyone equally strong, or you make everyone equally weak. This is the way of balance. If, monk
  14. Right. Until this is fixed it's impossible to tell if Boost Aura is going to be balanced or not. Actually, it is. Following how Trendy did things, if it gives a flat value, it will make the item worst or better at some point, but will lock the class into needing it in order to make it viable. Which means, you may be stuck with a iPWR 30 relic trying to grind your way through but never seeing another with that aura boost for a while to switch and thus, being unable to move much further. Secondly, if they fix as %, the amount of 10% is already bad, if it increases by 19%, as for example mine
  15. Still its way weaker than before. We had endgame like 40~50% boost. That was good. Now lets see, even with items, I get around the same Defense Power as the one building the defences. If the DPS matches their current DP, then I boost 10%. So, let's imagine a squire in most of the game levels. We barely put stuff that close, cuz lanes are far. So lets say we have 5 basic turrets defending one lane. They all cost 30. I use 40 to put up that boost. What is better? Putting another basic turret or maintaining the boost, which will also drain, and the upgrades are not being good at all? Another turr
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