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  1. if you are able too can you please dd me my gamer tag is mmh2010
  2. can i join i need stuff for my people to build my huntress back up i accidently deleted my hero which was 80 and it took forever to level up
  3. Trendy you need to put dungeon defenders on ps vita so we can play it on it becuase thats not righ having it on everything else but ps vita
  4. Name: Michael Garcia Psn: mmh2010 6:00-8:00 central time
  5. I am going to start my own clan.The clan is going to be (team dragon).It consists on battling in pvp,power leveling and playing maps to beat them.If you want to join send me a message to (mmh210). And there will be days in my tavern where I will be trading just send me a message on forum and I will take three people then take another group so let me know if you want to join (team dragon).
  6. I suggest that trendy gets new stuff like new characters and mapfor ps3 because it is getting really boring playing the same thing all the time seeing all the other consoles get cool stuff why not give ps3 any you should think about how much more people will play it.
  7. can i join i dont got a mic but i got a 79 huntress psn mmh2010
  8. Psn mmh2010 Saturday or Sunday Hope I get to do this event first time if I do
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