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  1. Official youtube teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clRpcIHpmoY Also this crazy dude has lots of great and informative videos you need to check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDVUaaSvM8M&list=TL5cGRs6p8ZbTJ2UiYcZyDOuXLixazrxSu I am going to play this game on xbox 360 BUT anyone with xbox 360,ps3, xbox one or ps4 be sure to check out this game.It is going to be LEGENDARY.
  2. You want cubes like everyone else.Throw TF2 in garbage.
  3. RNG always finds a way to skrew nice things. 14 cubes to get it going.
  4. Depending on how reliable people you see you as.. I would say 50-200 cubes. Probably towards the lower end. Where did you acquire it? Nope. You can get 1000 untraceable Stiegz for 19,99.
  5. Nice cat but ab2 must be over 200 :(
  6. Removing my cat offer. Good luck on your search hmmm well since winner dropped out,Im gonna give this more time.Ends sunday evening 23.59.
  7. This is trading section not gimme freebies section.
  8. Agreed, i think the same happens with event host trace. Or the fact that there is no trace, which means they could be trading us non traced items, not saying this happen though, this is weird and maybe we should start using non traceable event items after all. Please dont start a discussion agaisnt me, just stating my toughts. Maybe we should start a discussion in general. This is off topic right? Enviado do meu LG-E430 atrav├ęs de Tapatalk You dont make any sense. If you want buy hacked event items, go to the first ingame shop you see.
  9. It doesn't. Untraceable is untraceable to me but that is just my opinion. How do you know all those other untraceable items where different? Who is to say the other event items weren't created like that? f it was a new person giving that reason would they not have been questioned about it? I have no doubts they would or at least be marked as a person not to trade with. None of us can truly know sadly. My main reason for pointing this out is that others may now use that same reasoning whether it is true or not. If people want to accept that for a reason then it is fine by me. I am n
  10. Sorry. Posted a comment in haste while on break at work. I am removing it so it won't derail the auction since it looks like it might. These swords are NOT untraceable hacks. That is the reason. These are game duped items. Any trendy employ can confirm that. They can check that these have not been changed via third party program. Other untraceable event items you see on the forum are different.Hopefully this satisfies you.
  11. Click on his profile link ^^. Too lazy for that hahhah
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