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  1. Thanks, Lekkin. I read that. I was just wondering if it was actually addressed and not just acknowledged.
  2. [[166314,users]]. You acknowledged the difficulty of mastery for solo players. Will you be balancing it so it can be completed without needing others now that the "competition" is over?
  3. I realize this post is 2 years old but DD1 was one of the best games I've ever played. I miss it terribly. I just recently gave up on DD2 because I kept hoping for trading, random and unique gear and pets, and bosses that once again matter. Unfortunately after 3 years they continue to travel in a direction different from that which made DD1 amazing!! :(
  4. Oh i understand you perfectly ... Mastery is easy to play the same day it is released ... you just join some public games for the 30 sec maps ... I've never joined a public lobby. I do them myself. Well, I did do them myself until they made it next to impossible.
  5. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, [[64581,users]]! Doesn't really seem like you have anything of substance to bring to this post other than sarcasm.
  6. Those are just my opinions and I've heard them spoken by several players who no longer play the game or have considered putting it down all together. This is no diplomatic B.S., I'm glad you still enjoy the game. Because that's what games are supposed to do, bring us entertainment. I'm just becoming frustrated and like the flu, the frustrations of others have finally gotten me sick as well.
  7. I hear you! Please don't misunderstand my selfish negativity as criticism toward you or any of the faithful members of this community or game. I'm not boycotting in a "rally the masses" type. I'm choosing not to play because the content isn't what i think it can or should be. As I stated above and as has been stated multiple times over again, this game is just nowhere near what it could/should have been. I wish they'd just remaster DD1 for next gen and call it a day.
  8. I'm also going add one more scorched earth comment. I feel like TE got together when they were making this game and decided to get rid of EVERYTHING that made DD1 awesome. Trading, unique weapons, unique pets, bosses that actually mattered, storyline, and allowing us to build our towers and weapons the way we wanted by assigning levels to certain categories. Everyone from Fozzie, Mindlessdefender, majean, etc.. all talk about empty servers. Well..
  9. Another question answer: YES!! Yes, I do need to complete them all. Your second response: I have plenty of friends to play with that would help. Friends who have finished in the top ten in back to back weeks. But I'm not asking for someone to go back and help me. I'm too independent. The point being: 30 second build time is ridiculous if you want to solo the game. So I'm choosing not to play until it's changed. If it isn't changed, then I just won't play. I'm a very active member of the community and I wanted to voice my concerns and the concerns of others.
  10. The DPS'ing isn't the problem. It's the 30 second build times. If it weren't for those I could solo everything. It's next to impossible without help. You said so yourself: Siphon Site D M4!
  11. When mastery first came out, it wasn't rage inducing to do solo. I actually really enjoyed the challenge. But now the game has become so difficult to solo that I get extremely irritated to the point where I don't enjoy playing it. I was on vacation for a little over a week and without having any elite friends who are also a week behind, there's no one to help me build the 30 second maps. Which is basically causing me to walk away from the game that I've spent 3 years playing. Pretty sad.
  12. I've said this since mastery came out: the competition should have a one week time limit and the winners should be the ones who complete it in the shortest amount of time. It's probably impossible to track. But it's the most fair way of allowing those of us who have other obligations to compete. I only recommend this because I will never have enough uninterrupted time.
  13. Gotta say, it's WAAAY too difficult to play solo. I have every shard and multiples of most. I think c4 is very difficult. After failing 4 of 5 games, I put it down and played WW2.
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