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  1. Does he have a release date?
  2. Sell me more inventory space (I'm at max bags, and yes, I have the inventory pack DLC), I'll pay for it. You keep introducing new character classes and I gear up for them, but the space for alternate build/dps gear is dwindling with each new release. I recently deleted an entire bag of lock boxes and made a new character to give him gear simply to free up some inventory space. Seriously, this would be easy money. Also like most things in DD2, the DD1 inventory system is superior. Organizing gear in bags of arbitrary fixed size is infinitely inferior to DD1's method of storing things in user created folders of non fixed size.
  3. The new weapon while having cool mechanics is useless as a dps weapon, a squire fire sword does literally 4x the damage AOE over this monk weapon.
  4. 1.) My loot re-rolls concerning my poison dart tower huntress is all kinds of screwed up. Her totem which had speedy darts got re-rolled into an EV passive (image on the right here: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/270596815995350148/81D068E224AAA9412E1F65FFE75A3265E6D681C4/). I mean if you're going to remove a passive at least re-roll it to a passive for the same character class. What's even weirder is I found a totem that has speedy darts later. Also passives that have the extra tower health were removed from my gear but I was still able to find new gear drops with the same passive. 2.) Loot did not re-roll into their equivalent new values. I had a hearty blockade passive totem that was at 25% hearty (the previous maximum) but it got re-rolled into 30% which isn't the new maximum as I've got extra totems in my inventory and one is at 34%. 3.) Then there's something like this: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/270596815995349940/84831ACE1A2EAF77E289790D5C9E98639FBE3B41/ This is on my frosty apprentice, which now has a helmet with Pyromania, an apprentice only passive, with automation, a Squire only passive.
  5. Edit: Resetting to defaults in options and clicking apply twice seemed to have fixed it, now it says my activate key is unbound in options but it works in game. Since this patch I can't finish placing EV towers, the game tells me I have no key bound to the action, but I do (letter E):
  6. Why would you release a patch with a new known defense breaking bug? My lightning auras lost about 30% of their damage.
  7. I know plenty of people who farmed this map all day long with no 4/s. And I haven't heard of anyone getting a 4/s on the forums. If a 4/s spawns you'd think you'd have evidence of one by now.
  8. Found this thread on the DD2 Steam forums: Source: http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/357288572112685002/ 
  9. 440k? What? I am geared with hero damage/ability power nm4 gear and I get around 220K with no pet ability.
  10. Maybe i'm missing something , but this build is kinda sucky, kobolds just ignored reflects mostly and crashed into walls, so the walls needed constant repair.
  11. DD1 was much more afkable than DD2. I setup my resistances to cap at the 90% in nightmare, and with the jester you could literally look at your toon getting hammered by 5 ogres at a time for 5 minutes before you died.
  12. I just finished an Onslaught (well left early) and literally every single polearm that dropped with defense power, defense crit or defense health also spawned with jackpot passive. Video Proof:
  13. According to this slide from today's dev stream: I should have gotten a new daily mission 40 minutes ago, did you forget to turn it on again?
  14. For provoke use the new flame sword for the squire, it auto provokes. Throne room onsalught hard difficulty, hope for horde waves, spam every lane with frosty towers, they stack. Once you have the chill monthly done done sell all frosty towers and replace them with weak geysers (from a dps huntress is good) for the knockups.
  15. Archers are best dps for single target enemies, they're horri bad at mobs. They work exactly as intended, an alternative to frosty/traps, but it's a trade off. Also if you can't clear mobs by the time air shows up, gg. This is were a lot of noob builds fail. Frosties don't buff archers, but help a lot with mobs just to slow them down. Serens help with weak mobs. I also prefer squire walls over orc walls in a lot of situations. Orc walls have a bigger radius but they bleed splash damage out the back, especially from kobolds, and don't have automation. Ramsters are cool for a guaranteed drench but the trade off is no buff from frosties like a geyser would get (also the passive from the harb geyser weapon is pretty sweet).
  16. Yea, the pattern is you don't know what you're talking about. In dd1 using only archers would mean you have a fail build in nightmare. You also need an aura stack (elec, strength drain and slow), buff beams, possibly reflects, and for survival builds harps or fire towers to deal with large mobs on later waves. No one mentioned using just Archers. We are talking about the strongest defense in general. No one defense can be used efficiently with out the something else to help it. Also don't insult me with telling me how to build defenses in DD1 where strategy was actually required. Go back to playing and enjoying your casual DD2 atm while you can, instead of looking for a fight you can't win. Are you playing DD2 yet? Why do you post here?
  17. Few people know about the exploit. Those that do know how to build with other defenses anyways. I'm talking about people who don't know how to build with other builders and are led to believe archers are the end all/be all by people who use exploits.
  18. Yea, the pattern is you don't know what you're talking about. In dd1 using only archers would mean you have a fail build in nightmare. You also need an aura stack (elec, strength drain and slow), buff beams, possibly reflects, and for survival builds gas + explosive traps and harps or fire towers to deal with large mobs on later waves. On non survival builds for King's Game I didn't even bother with archers, wasn't needed, harps could bring you all the way home easily.
  19. I can pass gates with no attacking defenses and only dps, that's not the point. The point is using only archers on gates incursion is a bad build. Also 100% of the time when people claim afk builds with only archers and four players I ask the to prove it to me 100% of the time they leave or their attempt to prove it to me fails, 100% of the time. I've even done this with so called best players in the game. I've done this at least 7-8 times with different players. People like to talk a lot of crap.
  20. My serenity monk has 4.2k dp , 397% purge with 2300 range, 15% zen monument and empowering calm, is that good enough? I stand by my statements above.
  21. Archers are not the best defense for every situation. I've seen countless builds fail because people relied too much on the myth that you can just dump archers everywhere and autowin. They're garbage at heavy crowd control (yes, even with explosive arrows). They only excel when they can kill in one shot or have a long pathway to keep shooting within their radius before reaching a wall/objective. That's why some archer builds completely fail in situations where people aren't playing solo, the threshold of a one/shot efficient kills gets passed when you have 3 or 4 players in your team. I have maxed 700 ipwr, 10% archers and I still think frosties/geyers/electric auras work better in gates incursion and ramparts (archers can work in ramparts, but the build is ugly and gets messy once they reach the main crystal area with multiple players). Archer only builds work on Betsy, but it makes the map very unfun as it leads players to have to hang back behind the side walls. The best archer Betsy build I've seen also used geysers, ramsters and frosties, and placed a few archers in key places so it allowed all the players to run around as they please, including the boss wave.
  22. There is just a different kind of thinking between different players. I find this one is easier then most other incursions to solo. I would like it if it was actually harder but this discussion will always persist since some want to have a chill game and some want to have a challenging game. Therefore i would suggest having a hardcore mode or hell mode whatever you want for nm4. It should drop the same ipwr but have unique visual drops (read skins, particle effects, other swagitems) that cannot be earned another way or bought. Agreed, I reckon this is the easiest NM4 Incursion to solo. I wouldn't mind fewer switches but I don't think it's a huge deal at the moment. This is objectively the hardest incursion to solo as you can't afk this incursion because of the switches. You can afk build the other incursions.
  23. Other than looks, why is Draco shield any good? In a mob the draco is the last to die because it has the most HP, thus using the passive's bolts almost always go to waste. The Harb's shield of being able to recharge seismic slam seems more useful.
  24. One way to make this more enjoyable is to make the amount of switches needed scale to the player count. Meaning if you're solo you only need one switch for the cleanse buff, but if you're playing with four people then all four need to be switched.
  25. Just got defense health defence crit gloves with 10% archer damage, then defence health / defence crit helmeit, and then ability power and hero crit gloves. These are what my drops have been like the past 4 days.
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