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  1. would be wondering if anyone would mind doing some power leveling for me? We could do a few runs on mistymire insane plus(1st round n start over). Any help would be awesome. PSN: Sigite618
  2. Hello Defenders, I'm returning after a long absence from the game, That being said, is anyone out there who would be willing to level me up some by doing mistymire runs on insane+? thanks to anyone who is willing
  3. I played two more times and it happened again, i looked around the map and i guess my towers destroyed a goblin copter and the ogre was floating in mid air beneath the map and i couldn't kill him.
  4. Yeah I'm doing it now and there doesn't seem to be a problem, probably should've tried again before posting, my apologies Trendy.
  5. I was on wave 7 and my enemy count was stuck at 410/411 for about 8 mins and my towers weren't shooting so I know he wasn't on the map but no enemy ever showed up :(
  6. They're not modded by any means, they're good but I've seen way better
  7. The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 4 has been Released. It's 792.90MB So Excited to play this!
  8. No I don't think so. If I see the name I'm sure I'll Remember
  9. I want to say thank you, I can't remember your name because I was excited with what I was given, If you have a account on here please respond to let me thank you personally on the forums, so you'll know it's you I'm talking about you gave me The Djinnlet, 2 Weapons and a full set of Myth Armor and 200Million Mana. Thank you good sir.
  10. The Rewards aren't terrible, i got 3 Great Huntress Weapons, 2 good armors and a pretty good Hat if i remember correctly, The pet sucked though :(
  11. I don't have a CPU that runs it I usually use my friends but I want to know If it's in fact running before He comes over to play. Thanks.
  12. UGH! I work in the afternoon I was hoping to play it before, Oh well, Gives me something to look foward to after work!
  13. Will it be like at 2am tomorrow since that's midnight on the west coast or will it be 5am like Modern Warfare and Gears of War release were? Any news helpful. Thanks.
  14. And i have a 74barb, 38squire, 49huntress and I got a great huntress weapon that req is 74 but I don't wanna slowly level up to et it
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