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  1. I didn't understand what it was for so I haven't touched it in a while. I'll test it out though and see what it does. Today when I entered the tavern I was doing 1 million dps with my huntress and after a round it was back to 204k. Really looking forward to the dlc if it's coming to xbox.
  2. I always play in online mode. upon closer inspection I discovered I didn't lose anything like I thought, I lost everything on DD1 on 360 a few times and I kind of panicked. There's still a problem with the huntress weapons firing at 90 degree angles near enemies (piercing shot as well). Health and damage numbers seem to change often, I believe the true value doesn't change though. An example is I fire at the dummies and see 1 million per shot and come back later and it's 20k per shot and I've changed nothing. Thank you for responding.
  3. Please, I'm new to these forums and dont know where to report bugs for the Xbox one. I keep getting a "Conflict detected" and am forced to choose between two different game saves. I've lost hard to play for items.
  4. My game is still freezing up after the patch, I've already lost EVERYTHING once due to the corruption glitch (9 months of gameplay), I trully hope this does not happen again.
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