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  1. The single worst thing about the game, specifically considering the existance of "hard counters," is that you are forced to somehow obtain not one, not two, but 3-4-5+ defense range shards as an initial buy in before you can even START to play. The towers had their range nurfed so hard that in order for them to be viable they need a defense range ("Deadly Strikes") shard just to get to a reasonable range. Shards should be for customization, not be required just to use a tower. Same as I've said before, have you even looked at the range of a flamethrower tower without deadly strikes? I'm
  2. Instead of Onslaught being || It should be ordered ordered like this: || like this: --------------------------------------- || -------------------------------------------- Floor 01, Map 01 || Floor 01 Floor 02, Map 01 || Floor 02 Floor 02, Map 02 || Floor 03 Floor 03, Map 01 || Floor 04 Floor 03, Map 02 || Floor 05 Floor 03, Map 03 || Floor 06 "Ancient Ruins" Floor 04, Ma
  3. If I select autosort on my shard bag it seems to just randomly place shards all over the place. Defense crit damage in the top left corner, one in the middle, one in the bottom right corner...I don't know what they're even sorting by. I'd like them to just sort alphabetically or something. Thanks for hearing me out.
  4. Oops... for the nth time this week I just left a game by pressing 'G' and forgetting to open my end-game reward chest. Any chance we could get a (toggleable setting) confirmation window that would pop up and ask if we're *sure* we want to leave the game without opening our reward chest? Typically it happens when I try to equip all of my loot from wave 5 before opening the chest to maximize my iLvl before spawning the loot...then once I've equipped everything I forget what I was doing and just press 'G' lol... I know it's my fault, but the assistance from the confirmation would be appreciat
  5. Do I think I'll hurt Trendy financially? Certainly not, I'm not that naive... but I disagree that I'm overreacting. The dev's comment was intended to incite me, and incite he did. Consumers at large may not have high standards or expectations anymore, but I do, and this employee crossed the line. I can think of few industries as saturated as online gaming, and with so many other options out there, keeping a paying customer around is generally looked at as a desirable activity. This employee, with his/her post, showed me exactly what Trendy thinks of my business - and in turn I'll show myse
  6.  See original here to put in context: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/142005/thanks-trendy-so-far-the-siege-tank-is-almost-there First of all, let's define "salt" in this context. From urban dictionary: salty A word originating in Philadelphia generally meaning that you just got played, or are looking stupid, either because of something you did, or something that was done to you. Did you get her number? NO. aw man, youre feelin salty!! (everyone laughs)#played #stupid #embarassed #shown #served.Then let's break it down... LikeThatWhenIGotHere edited the content of my post to just c
  7.  #$*# bugs!! #$%&$% @#$* it! This is perhaps the most unprofessional forum post aimed at a paying customer from a game developer that I've EVER seen. What kind of company are you guys running, anyways?
  8. PDT only builds don't get wrecked PDT only builds are still the meta The only thing that changed is now I'm forced to play a DPS character so the siege tank can be killed before it reaches my PDT, which means now I'm forced to have multiples of every character so I can be on a DPS version of hero X to collect gear for builder version of hero X...further emphasizing a failure of the gearing system in the game. This new mob is cheesy, tedious, and provides no additional reward for a lot of extra headache.. Your goblin troll failed, try again Foz
  9. not a fan completely counters multiple defenses (and some heroes entirely) forces you to play a dps character, which forces you to have at least 2 of every class so you can play the dps version to collect gear for your builder guess its time to stop playing again, maybe better in another 6 months
  10. yea..but why bother yourself with beating your head around it when you can just continue to use ranged defenses. this new enemy "challenges the meta" as the devs say in the dev stream, by...hurting towers that aren't part of the meta?
  11. i've spent most of my recent playtime tackling the list of nm4 incursions without pdt because...it gets boring using one build all the time. That said, you really kinda need to already have the gear that comes from the places you are trying to farm to make most of the non-pdt builds work. i'd say the list of viable towers in the game right now (you're gimping yourself using pretty much anything but these) are: 1. PDT with toxic shock bow 2. Serenity Aura with infernal combuster and slow passive 3. Buff Beam 4. Buff Aura 5. Proton Beam (until tuesday when the siege engine ruins them and nobo
  12. Tavern trophies for sure - to some I'm sure they seem cheesy, but to me they provided a motive to continue playing (even after I'd gotten gear "good enough to do anything").
  13. In-lane defenses just got pooped on. TBD if monk auras get smashed too (the SA in the vid didn't get smashed, but the siege engine didn't directly roll over it, so not certain). Skip to 10:35 https://www.twitch.tv/trendyent/v/106336844 The following towers will now certainly be worthless: Huntress: Geyser, Explosive Trap EV: Proton beam Lavamancer: Oil geyser, Fissure Mystic: Sand trap Monk: Auras??? Basically anything that relies on enemies "getting close" to do it's damage...yea go ahead and don't use those anymore. Best guess: new meta is PDT facing backwards in a lane to shoot the
  14. The biggest issue with every post you've made on this subject. You say this as if it were impossible to balance PDTs to even within orbit of the other towers. That's not at all what I'm trying to say. I'm saying it CAN be brought "within orbit" by tweaking numbers iteratively in small increments to arrive at a finely tuned solution. What MUST be avoided if we are to prevent the itemization from becoming dull and uninteresting is the commonly proposed solution, an example of which I have quoted below: Seriously? Recommend more mediocrity please. I'm all for tuning - it's required (and wi
  15. Nothing to see here, move along. It's not that we're planning a "PDT nerf patch"... I was more just stating that we're working on passives as a whole, and as a result, our game will be in a more balanced state. HOPEFULLY that will resolve the "PDT is meta" concern when we can release those changes. Trendy nailed it. Happy here.
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