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    Hello, I was a devoted DD1 player and I liked idea of % increase of stat bonuses when whole set of pristine or etc was weared. In DD2 sometime I play, sometime I took breaks. However; I really want to see a set bonus system in the game. I remember there was some as of now's shard power (beacon of storm shard was a set power). I really like to see a % increase of gear stats when weared as full set. Now sets are defined by its substat, although you can see their difference by its colour and shape (blue, pristine, some worn metal etc.) I believe implantion of set bonuses like giving extra skil
  2. Thats kind of good idea, but any game that give so high bonuses require: 1)More than 50 (app. 100) active player in game 2)Constant donation to Building upgrade (notice that dd2 is not an mmorpg, so that may break some ppl if a balanced donation is not introduced... exp: warframe---> donation depends on number of players in clan) P.S why only material and other bonuses when they can introduce clan cosmetics and Clan Maps to play? (5-10 players some short of defense.....) or Like many of us waiting .. PVP PVP PVP Edit: word correction
  3. I was wondering on that too, I got 1 AP and floor 94 atm. It started to be a some challenge and most of it is fail due to weird bugs. (pathing, mob spawn at WM node etc. But i like grind and still saving that extra shards to glid with next reset. About medals, i will save later for girl monk. And spend rest of it for modding and getting pet eggs. Since i dont have gilded shards, i am saving mods that are good quality and its a lot of question which to use on which tower.. For your case, i would suggest push a little more unless you have some good time to push fast AP resets with 2-3 towers.
  4. I started to put ramsters not in the back of wall. One target yeti from his back (at least), if needed 1 extra wall with extra DU. Definetly WM if he has not strong head.
  5. Hi, I was playing with a friend few minutes ego on EU server/PC Onslaught 89. It was insane lag for both of us. Boss spawn on Hero, Enemy pathing bug occured more than previous floors. (ı dunno if lag can cause such things or not)
  6. Do you have this week's quest? I dont see it
  7. Hey there, Well i am kinda a returned player for real (maybe after quit 3 or so? ). I like new system of onslaught. You can get higher stats with AP reset. Since i am a returned player i dont have any gilded shards or max mods like defense rate on my gears. I am at floor 84 and i kept failling due to my ignorence only. I accept that there are some bugs but we hope it will be fixed soon. About how to build for levels, well for each single wave, omega included, check your build and tier upgrades accordignly. I am losing at omega atm because i ignored How Yeti can be pain. I have only 1 AP and
  8. Hi, EU server, from Turkey. I have time to time rubberbanding. Few hours ago Lost temple with 2 ppl on map was pain for me. At morning there was no problem EDIT: 10 seconds ago i was in Town. Still lagly, double jump's 2nd animation performs when i land on ground..
  9. Thx for all great reply. Now i will farm for ascension levels while going for reset.
  10. Hello, I have only 1 ancient power and i want to push forward on onslaught. When I reset next time, I want to start from higher levels. I don't know after which #th floor or #th ancient power reset we can stay as C7 level. If somebody knows info about this i will be happy :). Have a nice day
  11. Seems good. It is pain to play 3 map for 1 floor but ascension point reward for exchange to that seems cool. I also wonder same. What we will lose or what we will gain from that? Should we reset before patch to not lose our current ascension point progress or not??? Cheers
  12. This sounds strange, So to farm Chaos 4 gear we should equip chaos 3 and upgrade it ??? Sorry but i dont think this is how engine works... If so this means farm untill you gain 2-3 years old in this game from 0 to max. Unless you really like dd2 you wont spend this much of time for sure.
  13. Hello guys, Sorry for pumping up this thread but this should be done. If any mode investigate this issue it would be really GREAT. Me and Metal farm with this friend since he get familiar with game faster and play accordingly! We farmed today whole Chaos 3 three of us together. But he got loot with stats that are not Trial Chaos 3... Guess RNG is broken or smtelse is required but we dont know what it is. Keep info coming...
  14. Totally agree to this idea. Current situation forces people to play in private taverns alone or with few friends. This makes community to diverge from the WHOLE into SMALL GROUPS. If you really want community to help each other and want to see maps with 4 people filled as many as possible you should do this (so many wont create private unless needed) Also, in long run this will help to relax your servers which will cause players to play with damn good high speed connections instead of lagging.
  15. We cant play any map, can't connect...... EDIT: Game works but a bit lagly, no achievment
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