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  1. My hopeful version of DD2 A large world map that acts as a spreadout pVp arena. I'm talking huge. Make pVp fair with reasonable amounts of player resistance. And much more player health. Standardize projectile speed in these areas. This will even give purpose to grenade launchers!! Then we dodge bullets while duking it out over awesome terrain. Add a magic carpet option to allow travel that avoids battle, making you unable to shoot or take damage. Disable damage given/taken for 5 seconds after dismount to avoid laming. Then spread out different dungeons/level entrances over the world map
  2. Unpopular opinion alert!! I have had a great time playing DD. the challenge of real time tower defense games is always a blast. Throw in an RPG element with gear weapons and pets and you have quite an addicting game. Sadly tho levels are simple puzzles once you learn capable build styles. The game then immediately becomes a pursuit of awesome items to make your characters beastly. Let the endless farming begin!! But honestly, what's the point? Your awesome upgrade items can only be used to farm the same 3-4 levels that are worth farming. Worthwhile armor drops are so rare that farming
  3. Glitterhelm is the easiest to manage IMO. If you're going to try misty I recommend strength drains cover every crystal
  4. Weird question to ask. You can't get rid of us consolers trendy!! If you're unfinished product won't scare us off, neither will a downsizing of our forum space!!
  5. Lost my 87 wall builder while selecting characters and then lost my new 83 wall builder while passing a controller to my friend. But yeah If I deleted my squire I don't see how I could continue. Sorry for your loss. It is indeed a terrible game design
  6. the more i think about his question, the more avenues my mind takes me. DD is not mainstream in my opinion, lol. and sadly we lost alot of our playerbase when half of them went mainstream and jumped to blackops :( but as far as mainstream goes inside of DD, i think its pretty inevitable that everyone plays the same levels to acquire and wear the same items. there is such a limited amount of usuable equipment at this point in the game for higher level characters that what you see is what you get. had the developers made the RNG scale on any pre DLC map rewards/vanilla chest drops with the
  7. I think you'll find that when playing insane+ squire towers are not going to last enough to be viable especially at your level. I would only use squire for wyvern harpoons I would get at least 220 health on your huntress and put everything else into damage If you can get your monks health into the 250s that will do Beating insane + with 74 builders still won't be easy. 78 gear can come with 70+ upgrades now so that's definitely where you want to be before taking on insane plus on most maps. Also making a tower apprentice and getting 500-800 tower health on him works wonders to force
  8. If your current goal is to farm a better junbao I would focus on beating insane with multiple afks. Ever moraggo run I do I dps with my apprentice and just plug in whatever characters I want as afk for the last wave. Converting your aura monk to dps and building without your auras will make your life a lot harder than it needs to be.
  9. Yeah I've noticed a lot of ppl have different takes on auras health depletion. From my experience the only factor in how fast aura hp depletes is how many mobs are inside the aura. The more mobs the faster the depletion. This makes aura effect speed important. If you are afraid of boosting your auras speed don't be. Aura health doesn't deplete based on the number of times it hits the mob. All stats have diminishing returns as it takes more and more points to hit new tiers the higher you go. I've never had 600 tower health but I bet your electrics still only have 700ish hp. Considering th
  10. My goal has been to quit for months now. So addicting!
  11. I'm a fan of 4k projectile. 51 charge is ideal IMO. Nice find wil you play enough to deserve that one!!
  12. Wait. You're saying this game is based on randomly generated numbers?!
  13. Awesome stuff man. Tell me where this engineer is!! I have some serious poking to do..
  14. Oh and my junbao has 110 hp 80 dmg and both other tower stats
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