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  1. I’d like to hear one of the Devs speak on this. I’ve played a lot of steam games and have never seen or heard of glitched achievements like this... I’d like to get them all, especially since they appear as in game trophies... but I don’t want to waste 10+ hours going through hard and nm again for nothing.
  2. This!!! Thank you so much for this comment. There was way to big of a jump in difficulty between promenade and summit. Everyone farmed this map for a reason. I would have liked NM to get buffed on all maps to compensate for the EV. I for one want a challenge when I select the hardest or second hardest map. If you have problem with that, Easy and Medium exist for a reason ;)
  3. Really hoping the next patch rectifies this issue. I feel your pain.
  4. That was exactly me a couple weeks ago. I’ve managed to calm down a little bit lol
  5. Same issue, I’ve completed everything, yet have not got the achievement for Hard and Nightmare. It’s pretty annoying and doesn’t seem like it would be that hard of a fix. I mean, I’m no coder but how hard it to look at all my check marks and give me the designated achievement? 🤔
  6. While I agree with the post above on a lot of things, I'm still very glad they decided to do a proper remake of one of my favorite games of all time after the mishap that was DDE. I have been loving my time with DDA so far even if it has fallen short of some of its promises. Hoping that a proper update to the grinding in Mass Survival combined with player trading can turn this community into what DD1 once was. Fingers Crossed! :)
  7. I'm incredibly excited! Really hoping to finally dig into Massacre Survival this weekend!
  8. ^ Really hope the devs read that and try and emulate DD1s progression curve. You are right, there isn’t much to grind and the little there is doesn’t take too long.
  9. Buff beams should barely affect traps/auras while immensely boosting the HP and DPS of towers. Not a huge fan of the current meta, placing DST towers up on the walls, ceilings, etc. to avoid spiders. Super buffed towers and reflect beams can fix this I think.
  10. Mostly a solo player myself. I struggled a lot with the timers until I started making good use of my ability for speed. Use that and only the apprentice is slow to move around and build (Shouldn’t he be the quickest builder? lol). After that, only Summits timer gave me some slight struggle. Other than maybe adding a few seconds to Summit and Lava Mines. They should just have the timer pause while swapping in the hero deck (for solo play).
  11. Pretty sure it does drop a pet though...
  12. I have the same problem. I've completed all levels on hard and nightmare but I am missing the achievements and trophies for them :(
  13. I think this is hacked but I'd like 100% confirmation if this is possible or not http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542862868
  14. Been out of the trading scene awhile, how much coal per cube are people trading for now?
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