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  1. It was ps3.. They aren't on xbox Aaah I see. Ok thanks!
  2. They are event pets, which all have the same stats. If I remember correctly, the upgraded stats are 6175 base damage and +3 projectile. As for how you get them, well you can either build a time machine, go back a few months ago and participate in the event OR you could trade for one. However, there is a rumor that a lot of them are duped... Thanks, yeah I heard that too. Well time to dust off my time machine and put it to use.lol I'm happy just finding out about the stats. Thanks again
  3. I keep hearing about skittles the pet and have never personally seen or owned one. Anyone willing to trade, sell or even just show me what one looks like as far as stats? I understand they are colored hamsters right?
  4. It's def great for exp but it's recommended to do with four people unless two of you could cover all points. I'm down if you find some more people. Gamer tag chaos4eva1
  5. The final player list for our 360 event is live! Expect an invite from a TrendyEnt account. If you received an invite from us but were not available to play at the time, send us a reply message, and we'll invite you in. You have until 7 p.m. EST to send a reply; otherwise, you will not be able to participate. Event runs from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST. See you then! I missed the invite. How can I get another one. The message disappeared when I attempted to join so I can't send a message to the id
  6. If they actually fixed every problem in the game and i mean every single one. Sick of givin Trendy money for a broken game just so they can afford to give more free stuff to the PC. Your right about that. That's all we do. Fund the pc players.
  7. In theory: No, of course not. I paid for both Aquanos and Sky City once and have no intention of doing it again. Responsibility for making it work properly is Trendy's. Failure to do so constitutes taking an unnecessary risk in alienating the very core customers who bring new players into the game through recommendations to friends and through interaction here. In practice: Would I compromise my core beliefs (stated above) in order to play Sky City with my kids again with no worries of file corruption? You betcha. In a heartbeat. The question is, do you believe that how you answer
  8. Now that was a rant^..... Lol From my perspective a EU player here goes. I must say this was one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played especially from the PSN store. Before the DLC the game was awesome very polished and very fun. Mistymire came out and I found that very rewarding and an extra challenge. Worked well as the gossamer was the best weapon. Generally at this time was very disappointed that the US players were having events and is the EU were missing out even thought request was put in for an option for a EU host with rejection. Then Morrago and Aquanous came out and
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