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  1. For lab assault you may be able to jump on an open server to run this one. If not you can add me and I can take you through it. Tinker's lab - I can do this one too but it would be helpful if you had a jester to help roll damage and upgrade defenses. Temple O Love - EagleOne used to run people through this map for a few coal. Not sure if he is still doing it. GTH - Not many run this. sgof and certain were about the only ones I saw taking people through this. SN - I have done this but need a team to help with delivering present and protecting the tree/crystal and boss. My time may be limited the next few days but I can try and squeeze something in to help. Assault is quick. thanks for the reply, and like you said, I were able to do lab assault by jumping into someones game. I yet have to get the rest
  2. I can offer some cubes I got from an auction, or if you're willing to help me out for free thats cool too. if you can do this stuff easily I'd like to take someone with me to get the achievments for the both of us. these are the ones I need. if you can do these, or some of them leave a message or hit me up. cheers *edit updated
  3. Banned for having an unnatural, ever-increasing amount of thumbs. See a doctor. banned because this game wont work if I dont.
  4. Good game. but totally over rated.
  5. I would keep it. No point in kidding myself.
  6. From an economic standpoint, you make more money duping the eggs. Megas run 8 cubes, but eggs add up to 12. lol well it takes some time to dupe 36 eggs. in the same time, you can dupe 36 megas. I think I made my point.
  7. 1. Chivalry 2. Space Engine 3. Metroid Prime Echoes 4. Borderlands 2 5. Torchlight 2
  8. I got this cat a few weeks ago and upgraded it in open for the event. I didn't see until last night that it didn't grow when I saw its original size in ranked. Just wondering if this is normal or did it glitch somehow. Cheers. I've had a few pets which barely grew like your cat. I actually prefer pets which do not grow to a ridiculous stupid size.
  9. All female builders for speed ... and then get diamonds for them ... move at warp speeds. I used to have diamonds on my summoner.. then accidentaly launched my summoner off the kings game map, moving so fast, that I ripped the space-time fabric, creating a wormhole which opened up behind me, so I saw myself falling off the map over and over again.
  10. and skydive can you link my to the OP of the quote in your signature. I wish I could. but that was a private message ... lets not talk about it, ok? :D
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