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  1. how can you have a serious conversation about naming your company and say puppy punch? sounds adolescent and even more does puppy punch's a game with balls. game looks addicting though. like bust a move addicting. brick breaker. PONG. good luck
  2. names Anthony. i've chosen the name Killax since self naming myself on PS1, my first console. in part to my ability to keep sub par technology ive never been able to distinguish myself much in any game community but i try and forever more will i. video games are my life i could say and that would make a lot of people say i have no life only because i choose to not partake in theirs. im weird. i love the thrill of good competition and companionship. my lifelong goal is to read the dictionary. just once
  3. fueling XBOX is bad.. but thats another subject. id like it on my PC so i wouldnt have to halt all of my phone functions (messaging and.. messaging) and so i wouldnt have to lag through every miniature fight and maybe ill even be able to play online with other folksz and get better gear PS Finally you wouldnt happen to have that same av on another site like jsp wouldya
  4. ok so from what ive gathered this is a discussion of a switch to and from hardcore with already established heros. similar to another challenge level. or making any level more of a challenge w.e i thought you meant more like hardcore "realm"?? such as diablo where you create a hero and once you die its goodbye back to square one.. i dont see any challenge in a nondeath mode for a hero youve already stacked out and know isnt gonna fall. do note ive only just got my first squire to lv24 and know not of late gameplay and am so0o sorry if i have offended your veteran ideas.
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