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    Some hardcore DoTA players have moved to HoN and are awaiting DoTA 2, and some have moved to LoL and are also awaiting DoTA 2. But for people who started playing a game like that to start on LoL, I just cant agree that they know the competitive scene behind more DoTA style game-play. Couldn't agree more
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    Highly doubt you could get anywhere close to tearing up any category in LoL.
  3. pureyoo


    sounds like what LoL runs during the weekends
  4. pureyoo


    hardcore community with no competitive scene.
  5. Naed abusing his moderator power and banning from irc at friend requests. Hard to help people if i cant get on irc.
  6. DunDef.... when not in the office I jump on MvC3, Minecraft, and just got back into League of Legends. Occasionally get on BF:BC2. we should play LoL together add me username is Pureyoo
  7. what other games do you guys play?
  8. glad i sold my unlucky prestine boots with tons of negatives on it
  9. The more players the more the mobs spawn thus making it harder (i may be wrong on this)
  10. yeah i know it doesnt allow that... trying to add a sig
  11. Could the no turn into a yes somehow?
  12. antsarescary, ignore the trolls. If your item vanished at the end of the round then it automatically got sold, so you still got some of that 900,000 mana it was worth. I got tons of valors in my tavern, ill try to replace your lost one (may not be as good as your old one).
  13. I accidently pressed no...i meant yes :(
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