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  1. I'm pretty certain it did and last comment was made in July... I should've noticed it was a dead thread even though it was at the top of the threads list. Will let this one RIP then.
  2. Is the crystal tracker-type weapon not mentioned because of it's limited range? I mean, it doesn't pierce but it does area damage that is quite handy to deal with groups of mages and multiple ogres as well. I never enjoyed using the disc thrower much as it doesn't shoot straight. So unless you're right into your target you pretty much have to aim sideways all the time... Being a Quake3 pro for so long, I couldn't stand using a weapon that didn't shoot where my crosshair pointed ;p Anyways, I was expecting the crystal tracker-type weapon to be mentioned here somewhere and am actually wondering why it wasn't.
  3. I need that achievement badly as well... Steam ID is silvergunn, let me know when you want to try it.
  4. It's back up but for some reason, it's not possible to create games for the moment...
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