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  1. What does your video settings look like? (In the options tab in DD2) I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to motion sickness in modern games but with these settings in DD2 i'm not feeling much: Fullscreen, 1920x1080 Custom graphics settings: Texture quality: High Antialiasing: 2 Anisotropic filtering: 2 Detail mesh draw distance: Medium Vsync, Postprocessing and Dynamic shadows are all enabled. And in-game i've always got the character zoomed out as much as possible. I know aswell that the FOV can cause these effects but crispier textures and what not seems to have an impact aswell.. Have yo
  2. Fun Fun! ;) Here's one: 2. It's only usable by the Huntress, Because she rocks... ... ... ... :cool: The construction is super simple and works pretty much like a paintball gun, But the projectiles are small stones and it's powered by compressed star gas instead of lousy H2CO3
  3. If this is true then i hope Jeremy is so embarrassed that he'll call in sick for a month, On the other hand, I think the root of all of this is that he has lost his spark, He's under a lot of pressure caused by financial bogus and thus has become depressed, And to add salt to the wound; He doesn't have the necessary leader skills or know-how for such a large group and naturally goes into kim-jong-un-mode. A loss of an employee in a manufacturing/producing industry is more than just that: "losing an employee". You're losing time, money, knowledge, respect and trust from those who are still w
  4. This is Nelly, Half troll and half extraterrestrial (Thus 1 eye and 2 mouths), She's got no hands and no feet, She's dual-wielding some type of small arms and she bounces around (instead of walking/sprinting) with her spring-loaded prosthesises.. Notice the dead squi.. I mean Knight in the background.. Whom she just met out in the wilderness. ;) :santa:
  5. Hello folks! (Wall of text) Me and my spouse have been playing DD1 for quite some time now, We started on the PS3 but decided to make the transfer to PC after a while. The original game was awesome, The grind was there but not to the extent that it got frustrating and disappointing. (Every survival run gave a few good pieces of armor/pets/weapons, Which actually made it worth those hours it took to complete it). When we had completed all the maps on Insane (PC) we went over to the Nightmare-mode, Which was a real pain in the *ss, But we kept playing and got through it thanks to a ha
  6. Hello! Me and my other half are looking for someone who can help us with some kobold farming, We're a bit rusty but we can upgrade and repair while you do whatever you feel like. We're at that point now where we are completely stuck, We can handle most insane maps but nightmare is way too hard for us right now. We would really appreciate some help with this. :-) Steam url: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dntools Thanks in advance
  7. I'm interested! :-)My PSN id is: DnTools *crosses fingers*
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