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  1. right there with Steam favs Terraria (which went on 66% sale) and most surprisingly Torchlight 2. People love those 2 games they being beloved indie favs is a big win imho. In honor I need to play! tomorrow morn!
  2. I know DD gets a jump on sale events and all but more than 8000 people on? That hasn't happened since I've been on. http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ That's huge guys you should be proud. Proud as in releasing new content constantly. This game never die always live!
  3. I appreciate the feedback. I was really just looking for a decent working lappy not much else but with your thumbs down I think I'll pass.
  4. It's because gangs are always fighting for territory, in Chicago, gangsters don't only have guns, they have territory and constantly want to expand their territory, with land comes people to recruit. Gangsters even fight the same colors (ie bloods fighting bloods, crips fighting crips) for territory. They could care less about the law. Look at Compton and you'll see what I mean. Lol are you getting your facts from late 90s rap songs?
  5. Got a bunch of cash and a pair of khaki pants. I am hoping for this french press. I am moving into a house my family is buying at the beginning of next year. Just got a new job I start in a few weeks. It would be hard to imagine a better Christmas in terms of stuff.
  6. Depends. If it is a grindy, fetch quest MMO with bad TES graphics than no. If they do something different than maybe.
  7. More people need to get a concealed carry, if those teachers had a pistol in their purses he wouldnt have killed 20. People need to learn about gun safety and accept the fact that our country has guns. All the talk about them limiting the second amendment is bull, it is impossible for it to happen, the second the president does it he will be out of office the next term and the next president will revive the second amendment. but it wont even happen, people need to adapt to modern society and get a weapon to protect themselves. Because that is what we really need: Elementary school teach
  8. Stricter gun laws won't really have much of an effect. Just because around the world there aren't as many shooting or deaths compared to america from guns, doesn't make a difference. People make their own decisions, good or bad. Sometimes, all it can take is one wrong word or action and that person snaps. You cant compare European civilian violence to the same in America. Our culture is so much more violent than theirs and we have so much more access to weapons where you can kill a lot of people rather quickly. If the same dude walked in with a baseball bat you would have had a minor trag
  9. Lay down a beam > put harps on beam > lay down/move minions on beam. best of all worlds.
  10. Seen from France: A better control of who can owns weapon would make these events more rare, but they would still happen. That kind of **** can happen anywhere, have happened everywhere and will happen again. There was one in Norway last year, and we got one every couple of years in France. If there was a simple solution, someone who have found it. No, forbidding any kind of weapons is not simple. Gangsters will still have weapons, and the police will still need them. No, locking away any potential madman is not simple. Actually, anyone can turn mad any time. You can't lock every
  11. Join a match and see what people are up to now-a-days.
  12. Elmo I need to pull myself out. pleases and thank yous.
  13. At the $250 price point I am considering one for a knock-around laptop. Anyone have any experience with one yet? I am talking about the one commonly advertised. Samsung is the manufacturer I think.
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