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  1. Hi man, i booted up this for the first time today aswell ;), are u from eu? if so, add me! Psn; jellejelle9
  2. i dont know, but add me if you want. ;)
  3. cause i was bored, i remember talking to emperor-omi telling him that he should get on those leaderboards next, he did and so I decided that 4 months later to try to beat him, didn't work out to well xD May I ask how your tower squire is a higher level than your dps? o.0
  4. Are you from europe or from US, also, do you have the team effort? doing that one right now so you can join if you want.
  5. Do you need to play the whole game with 4 chars, or can you add them the last round?
  6. Yeah, I know. Well, I hope it for you aswell man. I'll ask him again if he's online. Are you willing to do some runs right now?
  7. Well, I'm sorry but i can't tell you if it's a legit one, he always told me about his high pulls but never that one... He also traded me a 81^ blasticus for lvl 74 and it dissappeared 2 days later. He also has the laser robot event pet, wich you can only get in the US and he told me he got it from moraggo. He also has the Sgt. Junbo event pet you can only get in the US aswell. I truly hope he gave yo a legit one,
  8. mistymire is not fast without insane+....
  9. So, I finally decided to level my monk from 74 to 78 doing glitter, a few mins ago I needed like 3/4 mil to 78. Put my extra controller in and booomm, put the selecting thing on my monk, wanted to press X, controller slipped out of my hand a bit and BOOM. deleted my MONK. Yes, Yes I'm mad.
  10. It seems like I'm having like zero luck. I've run moraggo like 20 times past week with squire/apprentice and my highest oculus was 109^ and my highest Crysknife 53^. Just did a war of the djin run on medium with 3 controllers and got a 22^, 33^ and a 34^ shai... The 22^ is for 74! I guess there's no explanation?
  11. That's Sick! I don't have a lot of luck but a friend of mine pulled a 188^ oculus for 74.... I hate him.
  12. Yo nicetoeatyou, Ha, you traded with one of my best friends, saskiafoubert. You traded him a 206 dps Crys, 178 rod for 74, 112/111 giraffe and kairy or something and something else. I'm so jealous, lololol. I've run moraggo like 100 times and my highest is a 149 rod and a 149 oculus... I'd be very happy if you could give me one of those 150+ weapons and maybe we can do some runs together? Also willing to sell you wotd last wave invites or something like that ahahah, happy to hear that there is someone from EU here on the forums!
  13. I solo moraggo insane with 1 afk (haven't tried 2) I just put 1 slice/harpoon everywhere except in mid, 2 harpoons and a promicity there. And then everywhere, electric, ensnare, strength drain + electric+ensnare at wyvern points. but you probably don't need that with ur level. I just kill the ogres/djins when i'm close to them or when I finished a fight.
  14. It just happes sometimes, two examples you just stated. I had a 68^ kairy that I JUST farmed myself, I didn't need it so I traded it to my friend, put in trade, start, he start, and it looked a little bit weird and the trade was still open but the kairy was gone. Also, I was going to trade a 85^ rod farmed myself and give it to somebody, trade completed normal, but wasn't in his item box, the next 80^ I gave him DID appear in his item box, so yeah...
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