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  1. I know that this is late but was this AUC ended on time or is it still going?/Is the item still available ??
  2. Lupa

    [closed] ulti++ sparus

    What's the tower atk first number?
  3. Lupa

    WTA a few items

    Ended? Results??
  4. Lupa

    WTA a few items

    2Cv on the Quietus 1Cv on mobie Dependant on IC
  5. You might want to read again in headpost if this are entries. "So, all you gotta do is is comment down below, writing a nice sentence about or for the person commenting right before you." Yeahhh.... fixed that :) You are all wonderful beings haha
  6. I am in adoration of your giving spirit, truly thankyou for doing this giveaway :) SquirtleSquad - I wish you good fortune against the never ending hoards. Merry Christmas to all Dungeon defenders!
  7. Merry Christmas to all defenders, keep up the fight !
  8. Cheers, spot on with who it was haha
  9. Thanks.... thats what i thought. Then he offered an uped Isom for 10 cubes....
  10. I have found someone that is offering event items that are untraced but the prices make me feel they are dodgey
  11. If the event Items are untraced are they worthless these days?
  12. U 11 x 3 coal Mail boots U 9 x 2 cubes Mail hands U 4 x 1 cube Leather coat
  13. SID: ABS|Lupa http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029160965 fSID: ABS|DemolitionDemon http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001640002 For Friday please, cheers
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