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  1. I was playing last night and started to think: are there generic versions of DLC weapons? I found several laser guns and weapons similar as random drops from chests but never anything from the DLC. I looked on the wikia page and I think it would be nice to find a bone staff or something similar. Can anyone confirm this either way??
  2. Ill be on in like an hour PSN - niji1990
  3. 1) I have to stretch my legs and back before doing any power leveling 2) doing War of the Djinns I have to do it before 12 noon
  4. I was doing War of the Djinns yesterday and I added a controller on the last wave to try and get two Shai's but I only received one. Do you have to start the challenge with both people?? Just wondering so I don't mess this up again.
  5. Second time beating War of the Djinn and getting 128^ Shai Hulud
  6. I do enjoy the game very much. I am trying to find new ways to play but after an hour or so I get bored. I wish that Aquanos and Sky City were fixed and that will only be a dream.......
  7. are there any restrictions on armor or weapons??
  8. yea i am not sure if I am on here or my named is spelled wrong. mine was niji1990. not sure if ninja11990 is me.......
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