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  1. nvm i dont need it anything is fine haha
  2. I need some thing for my monk like a good weap got any or a trap weap??????? Slooshi u quiting?????
  3. Haha wish we had that kind of cool stuff -__- ( ME WANT A SHINY DIAMOND) "shine bright like a diamond" ^_^
  4. What is the hero speed cap for all heros so i dont have to max there speed out everytime
  5. Thanks everyone and i got everything missing a like 10 mil xp and 199 shaitan may that rest in DD grave
  6. THank for everyone help and support ill remeber this and maybe one day i can be of assitance
  7. yah but i dont know how to reload the save i was so sad i was just about to save the 199 shaitan to THIS GAME make me sad,mad,happy to many mixed emotions :(
  8. I just corrupted when i was about to save and i dont know how to reload from a different save from where i had stuff and i aslo lost my 199 shaitan fopr 78 Ifell so mad and sad :(
  9. I just corrupted and i just lost my 199 shaitan for 78 that i was just going to save and i have a less recent save but how do i do that
  10. yha i had that dry spout just got to keep going and just wait for that good one
  11. I do too for armor haahah Assult challenge insane + over 9000 nah it 15 time of assult to equal 1 mill read my sig
  12. Yah the reason i bought it is because if i every corrputed i would quit make sure to take off of atuo save and mannually do it becasue if u corrupt over night and it save ur gonna be a sad camper
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