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  1. I think all my 1 cube 3 Coal bids are beat by someone who did a global 2 cube bid
  2. Cube and 3 Coal on P9, P10, P13 Edit: 3 cubes 9 coal total
  3. Sure, I just said you didn't farm the massive amount of valuable gear you are bidding with, that's all.
  4. Why do u say I didnt farm it myself when you defnetly dont know me? Are you saying you farmed 600+ cubes worth of gear since you started playing?
  5. It's also not fair to bid against endless sets and diamonds (600+ cube value from the last 3 auctions) when you didn't farm it yourself, but that's what I've had to put up with. And if wasting time is a concern, this is not the game for you. It was his auction, he can do what he wants.
  6. Eh just for fun, 2 capping ult sets, 3 capping sup/ult dps sets and 60 cubes (220 cubes). You're welcome Emlandrake ;)
  7. I'm going to Luke next time I need a price check on a non-traceable item. ;)
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