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  1. I kinda stopped playing, but let me check what I have. I might have a lot of items, such as 30 cubes and a lot of event items. This is one of the few items I want.
  2. The only relevant question for me is which may will drop more Ult++ armor and also Ult++ armor that is actually better than Ult+ Armor is basically the same on both difficulties.
  3. I have issues with builds like these. Using just 6 DU beams with minion walls never seems to cover enough to stop mobs from walking round/shooting past them. Guessing there's no youtube vids of the entire run for these guides? The famous Mischief has the full guide for CD NMHC on YouTube.
  4. What about a trial and error? Test all the ideas.
  5. What do you mean all stats max? Can you provide a picture to clarify it? I think he's afraid of hackers recreating the item. And I'm sure it's all 600 stats with one 284
  6. do you think that drawing from a hat can't be biased? Record yourself writing the numbers and cutting it up. Then show that the hat is empty and put the numbers into the hat. All in one recording, no stops or editing anything out.
  7. You should've put: Steam continues to troll players.
  8. Articuno has a guide on how to post pictures in the guides section. It's stickied there I believe. And post this in the trading forum next time around.
  9. I want to know which one is better for what reason. Please consider time, different drops (pets, armor, acc) and their quality on the different difficulties. I have just started to farm nmhc because I was scared and didn't dare until now :P. From what I have seen, insane is better for speed because the drops are relatively the same (not counting acc)? And which is better at a chance for ult++ pet?
  10. I don't think you can skip boss cutscenes. The uploader probably edited that part out.
  11. If you have difficulty with the copters, try using the EV's reflector walls in front of the defenses getting hit by the rockets. The nm guides should be the correct guides. IMO, it's just the stats that make nm and easy difficulty different on the eternia shards maps.
  12. Edit: gear up to 1.5k with throne room and then KG?
  13. I think the problem is you don't have an ev and summoner, correct? If not, add me and I can show you a perfect build for nmhc throne room that will help break you into enternia shards nmhc easily.
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