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  1. How about the Knights Unholy Fire? Will that work? I haven't tested myself yet.
  2. So, Vote to Kick has been removed? Wow.
  3. I noticed that my C7 runs are going to need a bit of tweaking.
  4. I appreciate the reply, Jaws... I mean, my staff is at 11,400+dmg, and has a 5 shot burst, but I wanted it to have a critical dmg, and get rid of the electric property of it. That's all. It just kinda sucks I can't get a new one without playing the map tons of times, hoping for a gold chest to drop. Pretty redundant.
  5. I just need a bit of help understanding if the Yeti Incursion (C7) chest/reward is on the fritz... I was attempting to earn a newer version of the staff that is awarded for completing it. Five times, I did it this morning (PS4), and was only awarded 2 green chests and 3 blue chests. No staff was included. I vaguely remember farming this before and I always earned the staff, even though it was bad stats. I can't get a gold chest on that incursion at all. I'm wondering if that's a mistake, or intentional. If it is intentional, I'd like it to be purchasable at the Wayfarer, so I can reroll
  6. Hey, play on PC!? Go help out the team for the new content! That should breathe some fresh air into your days.
  7. I encountered a frozen screen during my second C7 map today. Music was still playing, but screen was frozen. I had to close the app via PS4 menu. I am in the US, on the East Coast. The map was Greystone Plaza.
  8. Yep. I have reinstalled twice now. Got a new PS4 yesterday, to be exact. It's no big deal, just a timing issue with the intro vs the title music. Just needs a hold on it until the title displays, or when the player skips the intro. I think it's good to let you know these things so you can have the best game possible. Edit: Intro gets about 15 seconds into the sequence, and the title music starts playing in the background.
  9. This is still not fixed!? Obviously, it's nothing, and completely pointless to fix. However, I watch the intro sometimes, and the two songs playing together makes it sound funny! With the new Sky City Bank, the title song kind of mixes well with the intro music. Either way. Wondering if Trendy even knows this is going on... Literally, since I started playing before the Power of the Ancients update. It's almost comical and intentional at this point. Edit:. By the way, my 18 month old ABSOLUTELY LOVES the intro. He literally stops what he is doing, watches it, and then gets upset when it's ov
  10. Right... After some tweaking, I have a possible 6173... Too bad it doesn't bode well for my characterss. Lol! I'll keep working at it. Anyone else got higher than Nigiri?
  11. I agree... Open up the game. I want a C7 Liferoot! :)
  12. Does anyone know what the highest possible Champion Score (CS) is? Right now, I am at a 6,135 CS, with every other character I have, above 6,050. Was wondering how high the CS can go, so I know when to stop farming. ;)
  13. Oh snap... Just pulled the Wreckless Shard! Sweet!
  14. Yep. I would have been livid if I was in Onslaught, like y'all, and got disconnected (I was just doing my daily challenge). Just another reason to impliment a save feature for Onslaught.
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