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  1. Yes, I think they were being sent to places I was not aware of (other bags/heroes). I was curious if it was a common issue, but I guess not. Anyway, thanks. If I notice it again, i'll make a proper report.
  2. So I have right clicked on an item in my inventory and at times it just vanishes. No, it doesn't equip to a hero. Just gone. I have also left clicked a item that is equipped to the hero, and when I drop it in my bag/inventory, it vanishes. Gone. Forever. ALSO, I have noticed upon swapping between heroes, my helmet slot is empty despite having something equipped as I thought. Sometimes it is not empty but with something I did not have equipped, and all heroes appear to have the same helm equipped. I didn't mind so much... My items are all trash cause I just came back after a year, but what if
  3. The new one is 10x better. If you zoom in you can see she still has some attitude.
  4. I read on this forum that if you have space in any of your bags, auto-loot or not, he wont pick up the item.
  5. I'm asking about the three basic pet species (Dragon, Cat, and Spooky), and the different types among them. Do higher rarity pets have better stats than rarities beneath them?Do pets/eggs have an item level that determines their stat ranges?Does a pet's species, type, or rarity determine the possible damage type, and/or ability it can roll?Are attributes (tower and hero stats) related to the species or type of pet? Are some only found on certain pets? Can any pet have any combination of ability, attributes, and damage type? What are the important factors to consider when choosing a pet to
  6. Yes, some way of transfering or re-rolling a passive, please.
  7. Here's my idea, You have to find a catalyst for a specific type of gear and the stat you want to create. Collect essences that are chance drops from certain enemies on certain maps. Catalyst of Helm Defense Health. Requires 2000 goblin essence 500 kobold esscence and 1 green eternia shard to activate. Replaces chosen stat and applies 'x' Defense Health to helm of the same ilevel or higher The catalyst, when completed, could apply defense health to an item. The catalyst would have an ilevel that determines the amount of defense hp that will be given to the gear. For example, a 450 il
  8. I like the golden enemy theme, and the rare mob idea in general. Just some thoughts based off of your suggestion: Maybe 0.1% - 1% chance to appear during a wave I like the idea of a kobold with a chest on his back, but I would think making the enemy type random, would be a fun surprise. One time it's a kobold, another time it might be a flier or one of the t-rex looking guys. I get it though, the kobold is fast and there's a chance to miss it. There would be a sense of urgency when you spot it. It could drop: Lots of gold. (Default drop, lots of gold and random non-gear items)Legendary items.
  9. I will start the game and play a map. After finishing the map I come back to tavern to peruse my loot. I do a lot of hero swapping and I will frequently switch between the inventory and stats tabs. The whole game will hang up for at least a second or more when opening the inventory and switching between tabs. It is smooth-ish when first starting the game, but it gets worse until it's unbearable and I have to restart the game. I can get the game to run well enough in most situations (50-70 fps) but swapping heroes and inventory/forge tabs causes the game to lag horribly. I can't be the only
  10. Ok, I get it. It's a convenience for late game. The problem is mostly the placement of the button and the similarity of the two currency icons. They could have a warning that tells you you're about to spend defender medals. (including the option to disable warning messages in the upgrade ui or options menu.)
  11. I have around 1700 more to go. Which map did you guys use?
  12. Get rid of the defender medal button please. Who in their right mind would, by choice, spend hard earned defender medals on upgrading a piece of gear? It was a HORRIBLE idea to put that button there. Remove the defender medal button on the item upgrade ui. Get rid of it. It serves no purpose other than to make people waste an important and slowly acquired currency that should be used for more important things. (Heroes/Ubers). Very poor design choice. This is what happens: Naughty indeed... You successfully got this guy to spend his defender medals when he didn't mean to do s
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