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  1. There are two big improvements I would love to see. Both of them have to do with the map. 1. There needs to be some way to make the map larger so that things are more easily seen. 2. The tower health should be more apparent on the map so you know where it is most vital to repair and upgrade
  2. Will the PS4 version of the game be recieving updates and patches as frequently as the PC version of the game?
  3. They talked about playing it at PAX on the Social Tavern stream, but other than that, no set date. The devs did mention that it would be behind the pc version, meaning if pc is alpha, ps4 would be pre-alpha. That makes me curious if they'll be able to get it out this year then. They had been saying 2015 for sure, but if it's behind the PC version and it is only in Alpha they might not be able to get it out this year
  4. I am ready to be able to play it on PS4 since I have no PC. I was just curious if anyone had an update for a time we can expect it. Thanks
  5. How long will it be until the PS4 fam gets some insight on what is going on on that side of things? And staying true to that, will there be any way to get into that closed beta? If so, how?
  6. So, I know the PS4 closed Beta will be coming out later this year. I was wondering if there was any way to actually get into this beta. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Any host available? Still haven't been invited today
  8. Through what modem will you let the people that made it into the beta know that they did so?
  9. Does anyone know where they are going to post the day and host that you got for the event? Thanks
  10. But even if the soul focuser only does half the damage then it is still stronger because it has double the sps
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