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  1. It's a shame that this game has taken so long to be released. Originally I was 100% sure I would purchase it. Now I feel About 10% that I will purchase and I find my self checking back for news less and less.
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    funny you say free, but you're EXTREMELY limited unless you pay hundreds of dollars, or HOURS AND HOURS just to make sure you can play a champion you really like. If you focus on the heroes, you gimp yourself on runes needed to keep up with everyone. I have spent 0 dollars, I have every champion, and I win over 90% of the time when I play with my team. Explain. I also own HoN. I quit HoN when my rating approached 1900 because I didn't like the matchmaking and felt that it had several imbalances in the meta-game. I agree that LoL is a toned down game compared to HoN, but it is way more fun for beginners and I would argue that it has a slightly more balanced meta. Going back to your quote, wouldn't you agree that most people need to play at least 100 games of HoN before they are remotely competitive or have a decent understanding of all the heroes?
  3. Trendy should abandon simultaneous release imo. A lot of people, including myself, are at the stage where we are losing interest. By September, I will no longer be interested. To answer the OP's question: The game is 100% ready to be released, we are just waiting for approval from the most Draconian newfags on the planet... Xbox Live. I think people need to stop calling them "Microsoft", because it is a whole 'nother animal. XBL is a group of individuals who are at least 400% more retarded than M$.
  4. How long before this is F2P? 6 years from today.
  5. and has a much lower standard for accepting games. Clearly, you have not played the upper echelon games such as "Baby Maker Extreme". (kidding)
  6. Man, I used to listen to soooo much techno/electronica/trance when I played WoW. That is some damn good music to raid to.
  7. I am listening to Dream Theater's 2003 album, Train of Thought. I like Metal.
  8. What are the details on this Space Alert? A friend of mine said its a co-op game like Castle Panic. lol Castle Panic! Yes, it is a lot like that. Set in space, obviously, and games ALWAYS last 10 minutes (there is a timer thing). It's funny as hell. Because of the timer, there tends to be a lot of shouting and name calling. Play it with some friends who are witty and have an affinity for Sci-Fi. I don't want to go into too much detail because I feel a lot of the fun also comes from not knowing WTF to do or expect. The first couple games you play will always be super memorable because there is likely to be mistakes made and finger pointing. My friends and I play table top games with a "for keeps" rule. Who ever 'wins' gets to take the boxed game home until next time we play and they are considered to be a superior Human for the week.
  9. Trendy has really missed an excellent opportunity by not releasing their game during the Steam summer event. There has been a steady stream of 3 million users online since June 30th. Indie games and promoted AAA games have been selling like hotcakes. If they miss the summer window completely, they will be competing against much hyped AAA games like Skyrim, BF3, and Arkham City. If I had those 3 games in my library, I would find it hard to make time for DunDef and likely wouldn't purchase it immediately for that reason.
  10. My friends and I like to occasionally play some tabletop games. There is this new one called Space Alert in which hilarity ensues.
  11. Don't forget a Storm of Swords! Yea... they were sold out at B&N. Gonna pick it up at another store. My gf 3 gfs ago A high turn-over rate was to be expected. :ogre:
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    Sanctum. What it lacks as a RPG it makes up for in lasers.
  13. Should I point it out? Oops I did. Your intent wasn't a question, rather to tell me what you think it was. As I said, don't look at it if you don't want to. I understand that your comprehension of the game and the acronyms we use reference the game is quite low. I was stating my opinion on the matter in the same post as a question to save time. I clearly understand the acronyms. I welcome any logical response to my question. However, you have not yet given one.
  14. Should is also used in hypothetical situations like the one given. It is a hypothetical situation because he clearly does not know the condition of the lake (he asks if it is beautiful in the first line). To the OP, don't worry too much about your English... It's coming along nicely and is above average for a forum post.
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