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  1. Ok, well then there is a visual issue. I was using L3 to review health and it dropped in half on a switch and remained at half for the match.
  2. I was under the impression that defenses retained their character bonuses but noticed in a game earlier that a wallers walls went from 300k to 150k when they switched over to another character. Is it just a visual bug?
  3. Hey WreckinIT just saw this. I won't be on tonight but will look to add you tomorrow if your on. Thanks.
  4. Looking for some help on Liferoot - NM4 if anyone is interested in playing. I can normally get to the 3rd wave on my own so looking for anyone who wants to play and can help. DPS would be helpful since I'm trying to gear up my waller but I could also use gear for my traptress who is a little low for NM4 so I could play DPS if needed. Thanks. PSN: brixel
  5. Decided to log out and back in as that has seemed to fix some other issues and it did. When I logged back in the pet was not at the fledgling state. Still a bug, but at least there is a work around.
  6. So I was excited to evolve my first pet, had all the Reagents, had the coin, activated the Evolve option, took my money ( 10k gold ), took my Reagents, but still a hatchling..... What gives or is this a known issue ( didn't see it listed )?
  7. Seems to reset itself to level 3 on the card itself, however the actual level of the hero seems to stay intact.
  8. Thanks. Definitely didn't see that. Any idea what the 1,000 item is?
  9. Discovered the issue, doesn't work in the private tavern. Had to go to the public to create heroes.
  10. After the naming screen and confirming yes to creating the hero, just sits there. Restarted game but doesn't help.
  11. Perhaps its obvious but I'm not seeing how to "collect" on a completed daily mission. Does it just automatically get applied? If so, what is the item to the left of the gold count? it just says 1,000 with no icon indicator.
  12. Echoing many of the comments already listed, here were some of my items from a few days of play now: The time out for private needs to be removed. If I've got a whole map setup and several phases in and have to get up for a few minutes, I'd rather not have that torn apart. I understand the need for multiplayer, but not for single player.Text is too small, most PS4 users are playing gone big televisions and sit 5 to six feet away.There is a lot going on menu wise, new concepts, etc. You're going to need some type of tutorial. I know it's alpha so excusing it here, for now.Equipment comparison.
  13. Is it true that there is no pet wave on KG other than giraffe on final wave? That kinda sux if true. The pawns shot and chess pieces, are they rewards for the non surv version of KG? Correct on both accounts.
  14. Mine are Kings Game for the armor and I've been hitting Sky for cats.
  15. 2 Ultimate's and 4 pieces of Supreme, all on Kings Game, 1100+ hours in the game. They do drop, but like most have said, be prepared for many runs before you find a piece. Also agree that really good trans can go a long way. EDIT: Was on NMHC, non MM
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