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  1. im in its been a long time sent I played PSN drakethekiller32
  2. ya I hear you man not much to do now even on dd it suck all every wants to do is power lvl no one wants to run maps :(((
  3. heyy classci I would love to be a event host for this last one never do something like this maybe a back up host or something plz and thank you
  4. im in the list with you psn drakethekiller32 but wont be on till 4:00
  5. ok so deadbombsquad63 and Anthonyl_11 sorry but ill invite you at 4:30 or 5 its 3:20 now il get you armor and run the map as a time so youll know the best way to run :)
  6. psn drakethekiller32 age 19 all weekend can host sunday morning but after :p
  7. so guys do to me losing my monk ill be speeding my time this week getting him back to 74 form 0 sorry /closed
  8. so just to sec ago me and my friend was runs maps and i laged and now i dont have a monk for this weeks event i still what to run in it but i just dont have a monk it was a 78 and now its lvl ! if some one out well be so kind and help me get he to 74 before the event PLZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. help my good friend it is i drakethekiller32:psn ill be giveing armor and weopens and pets for the event :) ill help yall with ways to run it all week just post your PSN and ill go thuogh the list 2 at a time till im out of armor i have 10 pages of lvl78 armor :p and every one that has the same host as me ill run a pre game 3 time the day of the event so were a perp for it.
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