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  1. Interested in buying a perfect piercing mod on the ps4 (the tower version). Either PM me on here or message me on psn: TheCureTo_stupid
  2. I wouldn't really consider it to be a core function. The towers all have base stats and all these do is modify them in different ways. The range on some towers is probably a little smaller than it should be which makes the range shard nice to have but its definitely not required. We are to the point where everyone says use a range shard and wants one but I still wouldn't consider it a core function because its just a modifier like all the other shards and different people will want or use different modifiers.
  3. What core functions of the towers are you talking about with the shards? Im not entirely sure I understand.
  4. I think bringing up every patch is interesting, because one way they could help with that is to give a free reset or something whenever they drop a patch so that way the game changing all the time could be handled a little by that.
  5. It does crit for me (I play on PS4 so don't know if that makes a difference), but it wont crit unless you swap to a different hero and then swap back. So place the Weapons Manufacturer and then swap to a squire (for example) and then swap back to the EV and then it should be good to go.
  6. I am not sure if anyone else on PS4 has run into this issue, but I am unable to unequip an item from a character in the inventory screen using the square button. I can click the item and drag it back over to the bag but the button to unequip while hovering the character just doesn't work. Has anyone else run into this?
  7. I purchased some gems this morning on PS4 after the patch but the accounts will be reverted to before the patch. Is this likely to cause an issue that will require a support ticket or will it hopefully be okay? I'm not terribly concerned either way but I am a little curious as to how the revert will affect items purchased outside of the game.
  8. Um... My DD2 currently takes up 10 gigs... My ENTIRE DD2... wtf? So does that mean that every time there's an "update" on PS4 that its actually just making us re-download the entire game again?
  9. The update today is 10.5 gigs. Doesn't that seem a bit high for an update like this? What actually makes them so large?
  10. I bought all of the skins when they were on sale but now they no longer show up in my wardrobe and i'm not really sure why or what to do about it... any help on this one? EDIT: so its a known issue and they stated in the PS4 section that they are looking into it.
  11. Which means that the playstation will likely fall months behind (we already are) the PC. I personally am okay with it being a little behind but at the rate its going PC will be on update 12 before we hit 5.
  12. Is this a known bug? I don't really see Trendy making comments about it anywhere. (this may have been fixed, haven't used them since ascension update Tuesday but as far as I know its still an issue)
  13. I think they should make the iPWR system work like DD1 to where the host of a game could put a level requirement to join the game (yes this also means i think people being the actual host of a game should come back). The host should have these options again.
  14. I feel like the DD1 way worked fine, the host was the host and could do what they wanted seeing as it was their game (kick people and such), the only issue was everyone could sell towers so people would come in sell all the towers and leave to mess with people. I personally think the sell thing should be a privilege of the host as well as the kick option. Selling towers should be limited to the player that build them and the host. If the host sells the tower and you dont like it leave and join a different game or host one yourself.
  15. As it stands DD1 and DD2 end game are essentially the same thing. You have the build everyone uses that doesnt involve squire or app towers (other than frosty), being (in DD1) aura stack buff beams traps walls and minions, and (in DD2) walls traps auras (most use serenity and boost). The end game becomes using things that cant be broken to do the damage (traps and auras).
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