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  1. Agreed! Amazing map! Well, there is that withering shard that is only available on that map. Once you get it 1-2x, tho, just go back and play the map for fun! :-)
  2. Good Job on Simon B! The True Grand Master! What if Trendy made silver crowns for 11-20th place and bronze crowns for 21-30th place [[166314,users]]?
  3. See here: Patch 1.2.2 https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/148747/see-answer I donno about anyone else, but this might get me to use stun fire only and now ignore Heave cannonball. I really don’t know what Defese Power will do for me! O.o
  4. And weapon manufacturer and Poison Dart tower and Proton Beams and Flame Aura and Flame Thrower and and and I could go on. It's useful everywhere, even if you don't want to use it.
  5. I’ve been very pleased with the results I am getting from Mass Destruction in multiple defenses. So, i’d Say that one is very useful as well! I have not earned explosive shielding guard yet, but I use shielding guard on a lot of my walls. So, by using this hypershard on an Orc blockade or LM blockade (or any wall for that matter, but I mention those as they have the highest HP of all the walls), it looks like I will get free Dmg while getting the benefit of shielding guard as well! I don’t see a down side here...
  6. Glad the community has been such a great help! To piggy back on the trees and hornets idea, I have been enjoying the range of Dryad trees with deadly strikes + Viscious Strikes. With that setup, you only need 2-3 trees for the entire map on most maps. Then just place hornet nests appropriately. A couple other things that have been helpful are wallcanoes, wallbelisks and PDT Walls. In each of those, make sure you have Vampiric Empowerment shard (found in Ch5 Trials). With PDT, I will also add mass destruction and poison explosion or rate shard. With Obelisk wall, also add empowering blasphemy
  7. [[143263,users]] - fun pic! @Lekkin - That’s a fun scavenger hunt! Keep the goodness coming Gang! :-)
  8. Hmmm... all very good questions! How does this post not have any comments? 2: is it the largely built guy with white hair? I forget his name. 4: going off memory here, is it 6? 6: Is it the floor where the scavenger stands? 8.i don’t recall his name. But he’s a new NPC who wears black and flips a coin. He’s a shady character.... ;-) 9. Hmm... something tells me the answer comes from a conversation we have with one of the shop keepers... 10. I think it’s the pet sprites. The ones I skipped I have 0 clue about. ;-p
  9. [[80549,users]], You are disrepecting my wishes. Please remove your comment. Thank you!
  10. Let’s get some positivity going! I won’t list everything I think is right with the game. But, I will list some of my favorite things and in no particular order: Bosses are unique! ~The 3 bosses we have in game (I consider The Demon Lord a boss) all function differently and require different conditions to defeat them A functional Gating system! ~The gating system as is, prevents new players from jumping into the game and get Ch7 gear within a couple of play throughs. They need to play the campaign and go through Chaos tiers to slowly get better gear. This is good for Trendy and for the player
  11. If you have ch7 gear, then playing CH7 will be the fastest way to level up. Although, playing mastery, you get +5 ascension levels once for 1-2 of the milestones in each mastery.
  12. My only problem with that is that it discourages people from playing Mastery in multiplayer instead of solo. I've rarely messed up my own build by upgrading/selling/repairing towers, but I've had plenty of other times I start and build a multiplayer match and someone joins, I remind them what not to do, and then round 3 or 4 comes along and they take away two of the stars by messing up. I can't break the habits of other people and it makes me want to play multiplayer less in mastery. A toggle switch for the match creator would be nice, where we could enable or disable parts of the game so as t
  13. Agreed, good points made by lawlta. TY! :-) Based on how Lawtla was saying it is up to us to pay attention and break our "habits" is kind of the same idea of how I came to the "rebind our sell/upgrade/repair keys." By doing so, it helps me break the habit. It's like a crutch at the beginning, but later on, we can learn to not automatically press upgrade, etc. I find myself in normal trials now thinking "Wait! should I upgrade or repair or leave it alone?" even though I don't need to think about that in normal trials. Mastery has been a good way to get us to start thinking again instead of just
  14. Dwayne Johnson, of course. That threw lost of people off when they learned that he could sing. Although, his wrestling fans knew he could sing before he became an actor!
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