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  1. if the huntress can pull off this new armor, then guys might like it to
  2. Dead kittens, dead babies, dead pretty much anythings, broken toasters, old televisions, bolts missing nuts... I can go on =] good dead things: your food, that hamburger u had for lunch, that steak from friday, those delicious parasites that infested that steak, and dead zombies
  3. My name is new car smell flavored. just like how the game will smell when it comes out. i predict that itl be sometime within 12 months of now....or more specifically mid september-mid october
  4. ok...so a monster starts with 20k health, on insane, it makes it through all ur traps with 5k health left and hit crystal, crystal loves 5 lives but the monster is dead and the weapons can only kill a certain amount of "lives" on the crystal, but has a seperate stat for the damage they do to the creeps and other players. Like how the monk weapon has both a melee and ranges attack damage, i hope this clears things up =) Edit: the crystal damage is amazingly lower than the regular damage, it could vary considering the weapon, but also the heros could be so weak so the traps and other heroes could kill them fast, or they could be same as the creeps where they have to spawn at their crystal instead of dieing.
  5. this is sort of like HoN, but better cause its Dungeon Defenders. i think u should make the creeps not come in waves, but they are random spawn and if the crystal has "lives" i think the amount of health left over on the creep should determine amount of lives "lost", but also they are killed in the process of hitting it, (example: a monster with 10k health takes off 10 lives, and it rounds down except foe less than 1k) Also, i think the weapons should have an amount of "lives taken" from crystal, but another stat for taking monster and player health. (like 10 crystal lives but 100 player damage)
  6. Of the three main platforms, MS are apparently the worst for support of indie devs. It might not be the world's ills, but for this? Yeah, they're to blame. MS is the cause of this whole thing, but they arent EVIL (looks at an apple just so coincidently on the ground)
  7. i dont stomp noobs, too boring, i SHOOT them with my nice GUNS.
  8. Wat was supermeatboy about anyway?
  9. Do I need Excel to open this app? no theyre making it something thatl work on google docs
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