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  1. I've been gone for a few months so has it come out yet or is it still to come?
  2. The spirit warrior. Who ever can float around is truley awesome.
  3. "Hello brave hero! Come into the jungle, I dare you..." Edit: How does the beta tell if your 18 or not?
  4. Well, I'm sure that the nonexistent price tag will make it difficult to decide whether or not to double dip. ;) lol, forgot about that! XD
  5. Oh, I'm not sure about all but a certain Class names, "The Tank" doesn't feel right for class name. I agree with 'The Tank' being a bad name. Its more of a role in an RTS game then a name for a character.
  6. Im still going to get DD2 for PC. I MIOGHT get it when I get a PS4.
  7. What heroes are there? (Excluding the ones we have on DD1)
  8. Are the abilities in the DD2 competetive mode just putting down towers or do they actually have abilities? Thank you for the insight. =)
  9. Summary: 21 year old guy went in a corn feild while grandma played PS3. He met Akbar, the corn. Grandma killed Akbar for dinner.
  10. After watching some videos and seeing some pics, im going to like the the new DD2, I WANT MY BETA! The only thing thats a bit dissapointing is that since they are adding an RTS mode its probably only going to be played/known for that then its original tower building mode.
  11. Theres also a monster in the jungle that looks like annie from LoL and a guy fighting monsters in the jungle that looks like brand, also from LoL.
  12. I think it'll be a good mix. Dota is a bit more skill based than LoL, which is more item based, imo. Hopefully, the loot/items in DD2 won't break the competitive PVP aspect. :) How is dota 2 more skill based then LoL?
  13. Im really excited for DD2 to come out. I play LoL and knowing that theres going to be an RTS mode, I REALLY want to get DD2.
  14. Recently just searched it up a bit. The way they changed the game layout is something im a bit dissapointed with. Theres change and then theres too much change, this was too much change, but I might get used to it. Im not entirly sure if its an RTS game yet, but it would be really cool if it was!
  15. They guy that ak is talking about is a personal friend of mine and he used a high^ depth charge and in round 8 of glitter-/+ the last ogre would never spawn even after 35 min of waiting. But he then switched to the shai and problem solved. Happened 4 times in a row in 3 different lobbies. Something about that gun glitches some of the spawns. XBL GamerTag - STIFFY4oo8 Why the *% would you wait 35 mins. It dosent even take me that long to do a Marrago run.
  16. If we are going to make this list, there are going to be flaws. Yes, dupers might check the list to dupe an item thats not there, but we have to look beyoned that. There have been a lot of things that still need fixing, but do more good then bad (medication, this game etc). We should stop looking at the flaws in this idea, its not going to help much.
  17. I do runs of Marrago on hard and always get a piece of lvl 74 armor, and 9/10 times I also get a piece of 78 armor. I also hear that Aquanos and Sky city are really good.
  18. people will use this to there advantage What do you mean by that?
  19. I've heard that the mana troll increases your chance of getting good stuff by 50%.
  20. the problem with this is, if you know something is duped you should get ride of it. (sell it to bank or drop in lava ect) It would help even more if we get these items out of the market in all, not tell people hey this is duped it is still out there Thats the point of this list. If you think something is duped, you send in a picture/the stats and its put up as a possible dupe. If it is a dupe then the person will get rid of it.
  21. First of all, for the name calling that Iyashii brought up, we could use windows art/photoshop to cross that out, or we could just post stats alone. Since so many people want to help, there should probably be a group made for this. Just throwing in ideas...
  22. I usualy do homework or clean my room once all the djins are killed when I do marrago runs. Same thing with SF runs.
  23. I hate war of Djin, takes to damn long i just want to farm myself a good shai so i never have to do it again Exactly why I dont do War of the djin.
  24. So if this list were to be made, would be in this post or should there be another one made for it? I'm very intressted in this disscusion.
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